EASY offers new basic training

EASY SOFTWARE AG offers customers and partners a broad program of advanced and specialized product training courses. Just in time for the New Year, EASY is expanding its services on January 18th by adding a new basic training course on the ECM Suite.

The EASY ECM Suite foundation training is a three-day comprehensive introduction to the three server products in the ECM Suite: EASY Archive, EASY DMS, and EASY Capture Plus.

The EASY ECM Suite stands out for the ease with which its three coordinated server products work together. It installs with just one very simple setup routine. Besides classic archiving, adaptive schemes and pools provide you the option of filing data as whole text.

You also, of course, have the option of taking part in more in-depth seminars based on the three server products treated in the foundational training, as well as booking seminars on other components of the EASY ECM Suite.