Release 1.0: The new EASY Discovery available starting 12.15.2015

Data is the oil of the future. But just like oil, information isn’t always easy to find, even if it is available digitally. Users need to work with an average of four systems in order to gain a complete understanding of a business transaction. The information they need isn’t just located in internal IT systems, but is also on the web, in the cloud, and on social networks. Information is often hidden – in documents, e-mails, or in the heads of experts.


The Challenges

That’s why solutions that deliver information in an intelligent way will be so indispensable for the future. The solutions of the future will be able to independently extract information hidden in existing solutions, automatically correlate this information to info from external sources such as the internet, cloud services, or e-mail, and then proactively deliver it to employees in the context of their respective roles and current duties. Doesn’t that sound a lot quicker, simpler, and ultimately better?


The Solution

Our solution is EASY Discovery, designed for just these types of challenges. EASY Discovery continuously researches for context-relevant content in the background while employees continue their everyday work. When needed, our solution presents the results it’s discovered with just one click. The user doesn’t need to formulate a search request or change course from their current task. The system also always monitors individual authorizations for accessing information.


The Result

The result is that workers are better able to obtain information, which leads to a higher level of customer-orientation. Employee motivation increases at the same time, as does employee satisfaction. The quality of information acquired increases, alongside productivity and workplace efficiency in processes that require large amounts of information. Another important factor is an increase in the reliability and quality of decisions made.

EASY Discovery will be available to all EASY partners, customers, and other interested parties starting on December 15th, 2015. You can, as always, also find more information on EASY Discovery on our website: