8th Digital Invoicing Day: All About the GoBD in Hamburg

At the 8th edition of the “Digitaler Rechnungstag” (Digital Invoicing Day), EASY SOFTWARE AG worked alongside packaging specialist Infiana and auditing firm PWC to inform participants about important aspects of electronic invoicing in corporate transactions. Employees from the areas of compliance, finances, and tax used the one-day conference in Hamburg to engage in personal discussions on current topics and trends from the field of accounting.

A large number of professional presentations and real-life examples from users provided concrete explanations of legal formulations in the context of electronic invoice processing. Additionally, speakers gave transparent explanations of the opportunities and duties inherent in the new “Fundamental Regulations for Orderly Bookkeeping and Accounting, Records, and Documents in Electronic Form and Data Access (GoBD)” from the Federal Ministry of Finance. An introduction and example scenarios rounded out the series of talks on implementing the GoBD in corporate settings.

There was plenty of time after the talks for visitors to hold intensive discussions and network. “The event offered a good blend of professional value and personal exchange. There was a relaxed atmosphere overall, and feedback from participants was completely positive,” Dirk Hupperich, a member of EASY direct sales responsible for the event summarized. The 8th Digital Invoicing Day, then, was another complete success for everyone involved.