EASY ECM Suite: More Speed, Less Work!

How many steps did you used to have to go through to connect EASY DMS with EASY Archive server? The answer: quite a few. Users didn’t just need an XML server, but also pools, views, and above all a large number of schemes with all sorts of fields. Users had to create these fields once in EASY DMS and once in EASY Archive, further hindering a speedy launch.

Thanks to the EASY ECM Suite, those days are past. The EASY ECM Suite works with adaptive schemes instead. Even during installation, the setup creates multiple adaptive data pools for the EASY Archive. These “feed” the main application – EASY DMS – with documents, or full-text files. What’s new about this system is that the solution “only” uses the archive section for storage. EASY DMS is responsible for management, and EASY Archive can be easily administered through a web interface that’s intuitive to operate and essentially identical with the familiar desktop client with regards to the functions it offers.


Perfect Teamwork

The Administration Client for EASY Archive is still available, just as before, but users generally don’t need it. Never before have EASY DMS and EASY Archive worked together so efficiently and cleanly. It’s even possible for integrators to connect, for example, an ERP solution directly to the Archive through the EASY interface – EBIS – without having to create new fields in the Archive to do so. This greatly lessens the complexity of project implementation.


Two Times the Search Engines

Another advantage of the EASY ECM Suite is that the spooler import can even search through and clean directories independently and quickly. In the Showcase at EASY WORLD 2015, it managed 1,000 documents under 10 seconds – to date, the quickest spooler import an EASY solution has ever completed.

But how can you find documents when needed in the adaptive data pools? Not that much has changed for users – they will search using keywords or fields just as before. In the background, however, two powerful search engines will be working together for the first time.  The advantage of this solution is that it is extremely high-performing, failsafe, scalable, and essentially predestined for large amounts of data and searches in adaptive pools.

The EASY ECM Suite offers the best conditions for quick installation, fast start-up, and – above all – more efficiency in everyday work.