EASY ECM Suite: Setup at warp speed

One declared goal of the EASY ECM Suite is to make everything simpler. A live showcase at EASY WORLD 2015 demonstrated how successful we were in this, and how quickly the complete system can be installed, including the new suite.


Installation: The current record is eleven minutes

Before now, installing an EASY solution that corresponded to the scope of services offered in the EASY ECM Suite took at least half a day. With documentation and adding customers, this could turn into a whole day. Now EASY has kicked things into overdrive: at EASY WORLD, the live installation of the complete suite lasted just eleven minutes, from pressing the “start installation” button until the system was ready to run. Of course, this was an installation under ideal conditions, even if it was a new record among all the test runs EASY has completed. However, even the longest test installation at EASY has never taken longer than 45 to 60 minutes – accelerating previous set-up times by a factor of at least 4.


Default settings already in place

In addition: only three manual entries are necessary to actually start a standard installation. These are selecting the language, choosing a centralized password for all additional EASY applications, and confirming the licensing agreement. All other settings are already filled out by standard values, values well suited for the majority of installations on the market. This is true for the directory structure, component selection, and expanded settings. In essence, these only have to be adjusted to individualized customer safety requirements. This is also relevant when customers need to remove databanks, connect storage or application servers, and equip users with specialized privileges.


Free test license included

One other new feature: The ISO file comes with test licenses for all EASY components and a demo license for the integrated SQL server 2014 Standard. This allows users to test out a fully executable complete installation. Of course, you can also enter an existing customer license during the installation process.

All of this offers consultants and customers considerable advantages: the system is quick right from the start. Consultants can provide training and consulting in just an hour. Customers can define document types earlier, and start adding scenarios significantly more quickly. In short: the EASY ECM Suite isn’t just clearly easier to use, it’s also much quicker to install.