Canton of Luzern Swisslos-Sportfonds chooses EASY

The Canton of Luzern simplified the process flow for subsidy requests from sports clubs and associations made to Swisslos-Sportfonds. Starting January 1st, 2016, applicants can use an ECM solution based on the EASY ECM Suite and specially developed by long-time EASY partner Löwenfels Partner AG to register and create requests online. This greatly simplifies and optimizes the work process.

EASY partner Löwenfels is implementing the e-government solution the Canton of Luzern sought for processing approvals online in the Dienststelle Gesundheit und Sport (DIGE) (Office of Health and Sports). Löwenfels Partner AG submitted a concept to match the Canton’s needs. This specially developed solution is based on the EASY ECM Suite. EASY’s flexible content and workflow management simplifies and optimizes a wide range of company processes.


Quicker processing

Sports clubs and associations are going to be able to submit funding applications to the Swisslos-Sportsfonds of the Canton of Luzern online starting on January 1st, 2016. To do so, applicants will register on the website using their master data, then create their desired applications. Letters already submitted are available to the applicant as PDFs. This simplifies the exchange of information and optimizes the workflow for both sides. The software is simple and intuitive to operate, leading to an increase of efficiency both inside and outside of the DIGE. Thanks to electronic processing and automated invoicing, the period of time between application and payment is being reduced significantly.