ECM: The challenges of working with external employees

The professional world is changing: companies are working with external professionals more and more often – most of whom are freelancers – both in projects and in their everyday operations. Integrating them into today’s business processes is a challenge, one that can only be mastered with great effort and expense if a company uses an ECM from the “old” working world.

Not long ago, everyone worked in one company network and was protected by firewalls or other mechanisms while on the go. We exchanged data via USB sticks or CDs, or through FTP servers or email. Freelancers in marketing, advertisement, distribution, customer service, development, and many other corporate sectors worked on this basis.


External access possible with modern ECMs

Things are different today. Today, the growing army of “external” employees – and, in reality, all employees – want to have access to their data everywhere and at any time, and want to be able to work collaboratively on it as well.

ECM systems have to stay abreast of this shift. Solutions that can’t make the grade and integrate into the new professional environment will disappear from the market. How many of your employees want to spend time hassling with VPN access? How many IT departments want to spend all their time tinkering with the system to ensure their colleagues can do the kinds of things the cloud, Dropbox, and similar services have made commonplace in the private sector? Employees today need to work collaboratively on documents and have constant access to workflows. It simply isn’t any fun to be left standing out in the cold – and outdated systems make extra work as well.


Less collaboration = less productivity

This kind of ECM system isn’t going to win many admirers among company executives either. Just a quick glance at the numbers is enough to know that it leaves much to be desired in terms of productivity. Looking a bit more broadly, it’s also clear that competitors who rely on modern ECM systems are usually better equipped when it comes to collaboration.

Providing your permanent workforce, “mobile” employees, and external staff the capacity to seamlessly collaborate on documents and processes – entirely regardless of their location – is one of the greatest assets modern ECM systems like the EASY ECM Suite offer. A modern company shouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.