EASY HR 3.0: The right product at the right time

The Human Resources field is rapidly becoming digitalized, placing its own demands on ECMs. EASY recognized this early on, and developed a custom-tailored solution: EASY HR 3.0. Fred Klukas, HR Partner Consultant at EASY, presented this solution at EASY WORLD.

Collecting, preparing, and making data available to the HR department digitally has been an option for quite some time. EASY has enjoyed market success with digital personnel files for years. But, over time, the market has begun demanding more. Customers want on-site solutions for highly critical data, simple and intuitive operations, and an IT supported mapping of all HR processes – in short, a fully-configurable HR suite.


More than digital files

It was time for something new: that’s why EASY HR 3.0 isn’t just a digital filing system. It is a personnel management system, a complete HR suite, consisting of four modules. The building blocks – HR files, company files, applicant management, and seminar management – can be used individually or combined, for companies with 100 employees or 10,000, and in centralized, decentralized, or international organizations. Even sequential or parallel installation is a possibility: this could allow production to use seminar management, while administration uses HR files. EASY developed its concept based on 150 document installations in the HR area, and with knowledge gleaned from countless discussions during trade fairs, roadshows, and bid processes.


Standard processes integrated

Mapping personnel processes means offering one solution to handle lots of tasks: personnel planning, hiring, integration, development, and authorizations are just a few of these. To facilitate them, HR 3.0 offers a wide range of generic workflows with intuitive operation.


Everything you need for optimum organization

Typical onboarding and offboarding processes are already included, as well as example roles and authorizations for managers, division heads, and employees. Applicant management, combined with online applications, streamlined recruiting, and company files, opens up whole new possibilities for HR professionals: they can store documents here used by all employees such as forms, handbooks, or work manuals. Finally, seminar management helps organize certification and continued education for employees in one-time or repeated training sessions by monitoring deadlines, booking participants, analysing usage, and storing documentation.

No other company in the market currently offers this kind of bandwidth. With the launch of EASY HR 3.0, EASY is engaging the market at just the right time, the first ones to present the solution HR professionals have been waiting for.