Software development at EASY: quicker and more agile

Product development at EASY SOFTWARE AG is working towards more agile process management. EASY project manager Jörg Tegtmeier introduced the software development process Scrum just a few weeks ago in collaboration with oose Innovative Informatik eG. “At EASY, we want to become quicker while still bringing high quality software to the market,” Tegtmeier said, stating his reason for the decision.

It was evident that processes had been slimmed down and internal communication between the members of various development teams had improved, even shortly after Scrum was introduced into one initial team. The Scrum technology provides a framework for collaboration within a team. What makes it so effective? So-called “reviews”, in which the team members present their results in joint meetings and exchange ideas.

The boundaries between the various divisions that collaborate during software development are blurred by the new project management. “You can sense a very strong team dynamic” said Jörg Tegtmeier, the man who now calls himself the Scrum Master. “The employees know what they’re supposed to do and work in a dynamic, independent way. The quality of results has improved.” More agile software development processes are a breath of fresh air at EASY, reaping lots of positive feedback. That’s why we’re planning to introduce the new process management into other development teams in the future as well.