Foto: Alexander Maier

Double anniversary: 25 years of EASY, 25 years of the webpage

EASY SOFTWARE AG celebrates its 25th birthday this year. And EASY isn’t the only one “born” a quarter-century ago: the webpage was too! On November 13th, 1990, the first webpage from Switzerland went online. British physicist Tim Berners-Lee launched the first webpage under “” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Genf.

Today, it’s almost impossible for most companies to establish themselves on the market without their own websites. According to Bitkom, around 86 percent of companies with more than ten employees have their own web presence. In comparison: only one seventh of companies this size doesn’t have a webpage. For companies, a public launch on the world wide web offers many different opportunities. After all, as Bitkom continued, over three billion people worldwide use the internet. In the era of “digital natives,” many companies are trying to set themselves apart from the masses with an unmistakable look. The most important distinguishing feature of this digital presence is the address.

EASY is also commemorating its 25th birthday by launching a new, unmistakable look on Our new market launch, online since EASY WORLD 2015, matches EASY’s twenty-something age – purposefully fresh, bold, and daring. With its new concept, EASY is differentiating itself in a clever visual way from its competition, purposefully drawing attention to its message and style. See for yourself and take a look – at