An example from the field: digital personnel files at the Feser-Graf car dealership

Providing a platform to exchange success stories and best practices has been and remains a central focus of EASY WORLD. To this end, the presentations in 2015 included many exemplary practical examples. Here’s just one of them: the introduction of digital personnel files at the Feser-Graf Group in Nuremberg.


Growth = increasing demands for information

37 branches and 50,000 vehicles sold each year make the Feser-Graf car dealership the second largest car dealer in the Volkswagen-Audi group. In the past few years, all signs pointed to growth, personnel manager Christian Puckschaml said. In 2004, 600 employers worked with Feser-Graf. Today there are 1,850.

It’s clear that this kind of growth is connected to an increasing demand for information and a growing number of personnel processes. That’s why the company went looking for an IT solution. EASY’s digital personnel files beat out two competitors’ products – and has been fulfilling the company’s every expectation ever since.


Shadow files removed

Thanks to the solution, the HR team has been able to more quickly satisfy the company’s hunger for knowledge and get back to focusing on its core tasks. The IT division learns automatically if someone is added to or leaves the team – and can set up or close accounts as needed. Management is always in the picture when an employee goes into retirement, comes into the company, or celebrates another decade of service. And shadow files in branch offices were reduced very quickly following the introduction of digital personnel files. “The executives understood this system as supporting them, and see it as very transparent and easy to operate. At some point, any discussion of shadow files became a thing of the past,” Puckschaml remarked at EASY WORLD.


Automation relieves workers

The solution’s user-friendly nature and the options it opened up for automation were particularly convincing. The system underwent a baptism by fire in this regard on September 1st, 2015. 105 new trainees took up their posts – and each one of them received a welcome email 15 days before starting work with checklists and personnel questionnaires. “To hand out a personnel questionnaire and checklists to each of these trainees would have taken an eternity – so we sent them out to the trainees through an automated email. This allowed us to work very efficiently on September 1st,” Puckschaml said.


Additional projects on the horizon

“I need a specialist from the HR field who is well informed and who knows exactly what demands I’ll be placing on processes,” the personnel manager stated at the conference, summarizing one of the main challenges. We’ve found this specialist in EASY. No wonder, then, that additional projects are already in the works. Feser-Graf wants to soon use EASY HR 3.0 to handle assessment and training management with automated processes, Puckschaml announced at EASY WORLD. The success story continues…