Wasserverband Garbsen digitizes its documents: a solution with a vision

EASY SOFTWARE AG can boast another satisfied new customer: Wasserverband (water board) Garbsen-Neustadt a. Rbge, Germany, is now using the seamlessly embeddable solution for archiving, document and enterprise content management (ECM) from EASY.


Optimizing processes

In tandem with the EASY partner SIV.AG, the water board in 2015 launched an extensive project for easier, more efficient and transparent formulation of all document-based enterprises processes. Built together with EASY, the solution package comprised the archiving and electronic file solutions (customer file and house connection file) sectors which, according to experience, pose the greatest challenge to hands-on implementation. It soon became clear that the existing legacy system could no longer live up to claims for a future-proof overall solution.


“Thinking ahead for you“

Its extensive functionality, ease of use, and high integrability made the case for EASY. The EASY claim “Thinking ahead for you.” must really be taken literally here.  To Mathias Birkholz of SIV.AG and his colleague Matthias Höfelmeyer of EASY, it is exactly this futuristic aspect that is the focus:   “Together we’ll create space for our customers to grow.” With its more than 20 years of corporate history, EASY can boast the largest partner network in the industry and more than 12,000 successful installations for businesses of all sizes and structures. This inspires security and creates confidence.


A powerful complete solution

Using the archiving capability from kVASy®, water board Garbsen-Neustadt a Rbge. now has a powerful complete solution that satisfies not just German legislation requirements, but also international compliance requirements. “All documents and data are available in a revision-proof manner and security-certified. EASY ensures they are within sight, instead of out of mind, at any site and any time,” comments Sebastian Kratz, associate CEO of Wasserverband Garbsen-Neustadt a. Rbge, happy with the implemented solution. The electronic file solutions are also already in production mode. Regardless of its size, the regionally anchored water board can use all advantages of centralized data management, and pass this added value directly on to its customers and employees. This leaves more time for a committed and competent customer service.