Successful IFS Partner Day 2015

This year, EASY attended the first partner conference by IFS, one of the largest ERP manufacturers in the world. Around 90 participants from 50 companies were present at the event in the Technik Museum Speyer (Speyer Technology Museum). The focus of the meeting was on expanding the IFS partner ecosystem.

EASY SOFTWARE AG has nurtured its partnership with IFS for quite some time – a fact that benefits EASY customers too in the form of improved interface connectivity. Our technology partner IFS presented its new partner strategy at the two-day conference. It includes, among other features, new instruments for evaluating company networks. IFS also informed attendees about the certification program offered by its Academy, a building block in the IFS partner network.


ERP Trends

Industry 4.0 was a central topic of discussion on the second day of the IFS partner conference. In a variety of lectures, speakers explained how companies can approach its challenges, and how ERP systems could potentially be affected. Besides a large number of professional presentations by IFS partners, networking and personal contact were major features of the event. EASY enjoyed a successful IFS partner day, during which EASY employees on site were able to exchange ideas with contacts in numerous personal discussions and learn about new IFS solutions.