Sales: EASY in the Microsoft Business Sales Circle (MSBSC)

EASY SOFTWARE AG has nurtured a partnership with Microsoft for many years. Ten years ago, EASY’s partner founded the “Microsoft Business Sales Circle” (MSBSC). This is an advanced training program for sales representatives from Microsoft’s partner companies.

Sascha Löwer and Stefan Wickenhäuser, from Partner Management, have been actively representing EASY for years as two of the 65 members in the MSBSC. The program is a specialized type of promotion and training for the sales sector. Microsoft nominates one member each year during its German Partner Conference. The selected sales representatives then have the opportunity to take part in top level training sessions on personality and methods, continually expanding their skills.

The MSBSC is an educational competition that evaluates participants’ performances using a variety of tests and a point system, according to EASY employees Löwer and Wickenhäuser. It allows EASY SOFTWARE AG to work even more closely with our partner Microsoft, at the same time providing us exclusive inside knowledge.