ECM function for Salesforce™ – from EASY, of course.

Premiere at EASY WORLD for the EASY app that easily archives data from Salesforce, optimally supports document processes in Salesforce, and is even fun to use.

An Archive2Go – that’s exactly what EASY SOFTWARE AG wanted to develop with EASY for Salesforce, Andrea Schmigalla reported to the audience at EASY WORLD in the Mülheim town hall. An app that quickly blends into the lifestyle of today’s world of users and functions quickly, simply, and without initial hurdles.


Test risk-free

EASY collaborated with its strategic partner Salesforce to take up this challenge, impressing audiences at EASY WORLD with the concept it presented. The app – available through the EASY website – can be installed immediately and tested free for 30 days. You won’t have any high initial investment – instead, EASY for Salesforce offers full flexibility and cost control through effective monitoring.


Physical separation of data

The solution also conforms to legal requirements and ensures security, since data is stored in a certified computing centre in Germany using the EASY EE.x server. Its advantage: it reliably manages data and loads, and is able to physically separate customer data. If you decide to discontinue use of the solution after the test period, you can be sure your data will actually be deleted. There’s no lock in. Customers can order a data export at any time. And when the customer deletes a file, it’s physically deleted – this is the basis for our billing model, since you only pay for the number of users you have and for the actual data volume you use.


Functionality at the touch of a button

The app integrates well into Salesforce layouts. The user continues to work in their normal environment, although with significantly improved document processes. Drop zones replace uploads. The archive files various file versions automatically, and archived elements are available for each Salesforce document at the touch of a button.


Online service as a comprehensive package

But EASY for Salesforce is more than just an app. Andrea Schmigalla said: “We have created a foundation on the technical level with a flexible client and service management, by creating a simple REST interface. And we have also – this is very important – established business processes. An online service isn’t just software, after all, an online service always includes the whole package – operation, contract management, billing, and, of course, the software.”

EASY can use all of this for further online services and, based on it, develop and provide additional new and smart solutions for today’s user world – quickly, simply, and without major initial hurdles.