Training: ITIL® foundation joins with EASY SOFTWARE AG

From November 30th to December 3rd, EASY SOFTWARE AG will provide its partners extensive, practical insights into the world of IT processes. To do so, we’re offering an accredited ITIL Foundation certification; participants will complete the test for certification at the end of the third day.


Apollo 13 workshop included

An Apollo 13 simulation follows the training on day 4. During this simulation game, you will get to know the advantages of ITIL best practices and deepen what you’ve learned by gaining new insights into how to develop your daily processes, among other topics.

Apollo 13 – a so-called ITSM case experience to follow ITIL – is an intensive training game. Your team will take over operation of the mission control centre. Your task is to bring a damaged spaceship and its crew safely back to earth. During this mission, you’ll learn about the potentials of and need for ITIL processes in a fun way. There are no specialized requirements for this exclusive, intensive training session.


Concrete potential applications

During the training week, we would like to join with our cooperative partner ITSM Consulting AG to show you possible applications for ITIL processes in your company. You will also learn how customers perceive IT organizations today, and which criteria they use to make these judgments. Techniques and methods for implementing service management processes will be another component of the four-day training series.

You can find more information on registration, costs, and the course schedule here:

We look forward to your participation.