The EASY brand: A unique path, a clear position.

It’s something you might already know from your own sphere of business: if you’re working in a homogenous market, you have to stand out in order to attract attention and be successful. This is especially true in the Communications market. Not an easy task, either, since the image of a brand – and even the brand itself – is often ultimately contained in the minds of consumers.

On the other hand, differentiating your brand is important, and, if your own company is following a market strategy, even indispensable. Differentiation and positioning require conscious guidance – otherwise they don’t happen. Or even worse: they might start to take on lives of their own – taking your brand image along with them – and move towards unintentional or even unwanted results. That’s why we at EASY have decided to strike out on a clearly defined path.


Central idea: “Think.”

Twelve months ago, we chose the slogan “Time for new thinking” to caption our EASY WORLD and simultaneously introduce the new EASY mission statement. A mission statement that concretely displays the goals we set for ourselves every day right before our eyes – the goals EASY stands for. Even back then, we placed thinking in the foreground of communication. That’s why we titled our website “EASY means new thinking” in the fall of last year.


Our claim: an aspiration, and a challenge

Fast forward to September 22nd, 2015: almost exactly a year later. Another EASY WORLD, another home game in the Mülheim town hall. We haven’t stopped thinking: in the last few months, we’ve collaborated with our agency to build on our mission statement and develop and adopt a differentiated brand position. It includes the classic elements: mission, values, skills, and vision – and a core message whose credo is clearly reflected in the new EASY claim: “Thinking ahead for you.” We consider this claim both an aspiration and a challenge, a claim that demonstrates we’re already equipped today for the questions we’ll encounter tomorrow. It places our customers and partners in the foreground – and we stand behind them with one accord.


EASY: spectacularly unspectacular

We use confident understatement to differentiate ourselves in the accompanying campaign as well. It doesn’t brag about our “super powers,” for instance, or claim we work at the “centre of the world” – but it does emphasize our smart “software solutions” and our “cutting edge” work. In a nutshell: it’s spectacularly unspectacular.


Powerful images, bold text

Our fresh new image campaign thrives on attention-grabbing themes that we select to be as powerful and colourful as possible. These themes toy with bold texts and a graphic design that’s certainly not tied down by convention – a strategy we believe has the potential to score points for authenticity in the minds of consumers for its definite attitude, clear message, and self-awareness.