EASY Webcast: organizing contract management in SAP more effectively

As part of our new EASY webcast series, on October 28th at 11:00 we’ll show you how you can use EASY nextPCM Process2Go Contract Management to more effectively organize your contract management processes.

Using nextPCM Process2Go Contract Management allows you to retain an overview of contractual documents. This means the solution reduces the time you spend overseeing existing contracts and helps you to fully solve numerous challenges like risks or deadlines. The solution merges SAP files, all kinds of documents, and the processes of contract management, even as it fully integrates into SAP landscapes.

Register now >here< free of charge to participate in the EASY nextPCM Process2Go Contract Management webcast.

Curious? Tomorrow, we’ll be telling you how you can use EASY INVOICE 3.0 to significantly reduce processing times for incoming invoices and relieve employees from making error-prone routine entries. That webcast also starts at 11:00. You can sign up >here<.