User-friendly, centralized contract management with nextPCM Process2Go

When EASY solution nextPCM integrates not just document management, but also workflow processes into SAP quickly and easily, there’s a name for that: nextPCM Process2Go – one of many important topics at EASY WORLD in September. Among other things, attendees discovered how the solution’s strengths came into play for the Berliner Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (Berlin Transport Company).


BVG: fourth largest streetcar system in the world

The BVG selected EASY nextPCM Process2Go to introduce a centralized contract management system, integrated into SAP, for eight group companies. It is currently using the solution to manage more than 2,500 contracts. This means no warranty periods or option deadlines expire when they purchase streetcars and buses, and the solution also makes BVG’s management of its own property leases simpler.


Checklists for property leasing

What’s the trick for creating more workflow flexibility? nextPCM Process2Go allows the BVG to use checklists. When they lease a property, this means that as soon as a store location in one of its over 170 underground stations becomes empty, the system automatically sends the individual responsible for the contract a checklist of items to handle. The list includes renovations, a consultation with the Facility Manager, announcing the vacancy online or, for example, checking the grease traps in properties used as restaurants or snack bars.

Here’s the special thing about this tool: the individual responsible for the contract has a certain time frame to customize the checklist. Only after it’s been completed can the overall process continue. This is how nextPCM Process2Go combines process security with flexibility and transparency. In case of illness, the representative also immediately sees the status of the new lease and knows what to do.


DIY customer service

EASY also configured nine types of agreements into the introductory project. These range from Articles of Association to Cooperation Agreements and even contracts and leasing agreements for property management. The IT specialists at BVG added eleven additional types later. This is just one more advantage of nextPCM Process2Go: core users can take plenty of matters into their own hands within the solution – provided they possess the right introduction and training.

Curious about managing more contracts with nextPCM? Then mark October 28th, 2015 on your calendar now: On this day, EASY will be demonstrating the solution live during a webcast. You can also register >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.