Release 5.0: The New EASY Archive

With over 12,000 customer installations, EASY SOFTWARE AG ranks among the leading developers and suppliers of cross-platform solutions in the areas of electronic archiving, document management, and enterprise content management. EASY captures all kinds of bulk data, structures document streams using integrated workflow functionalities, and provides audit-proof, long-term archiving.

Based on our 25 years of experience in digital, document-based processes, EASY’s new release of EASY Archive represents a comprehensive solution for audit-proof archiving. It allows companies access to secure, long-term document storage.


Easier Operation

Among the countless new additions and optimizations built into the new release, simplicity remains a central focus. This is clear both in the consistent improvements to operation and administration of our proven archiving solution as well as when you look “under the hood,” examining the technical features of the new version of EASY Archive.

Users and administrators will benefit especially from the fully reworked, ergonomic web client and the integration of the new viewing and rendering solution EASY View, which allows high-performing, cross-format views with the highest possible image reproduction quality.


Accelerated Installation

Consultants or administrators will benefit especially from the new, simplified setup of EASY Archive, which allows you to complete installation in just a fraction of a second – instead of requiring you to install an electronic archive. The intelligent installation assistant includes all necessary components, including an optional MySQL databank. This not only greatly accelerates installation of EASY Archive, it also provides sensible default settings and leads users through installation, creating more security and eliminating potential sources of error.


More Flexible Document Storage

One additional improvement is the option to use a newly developed adaptive scheme as an alternative to the classic storage strategy. As a result, EASY achieves a never-before available flexibility in storing documents. The new EASY Archive allows you to store documents of all kinds in an organized manner according to content-based and logical criteria. The adaptive scheme helps create internal structure, making it simple to find your documents quickly and securely.

Finally, besides the many innovations and improvements, as well as the release of EASY Archive for current operating systems and databank versions (Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2014), we will likely be releasing a customary maintenance update for the solution soon, including bug fixes.


More on the Extranet

As always, EASY partners will find further valuable information on EASY Archive and downloads on the EASY Extranet.