Mountains of files: a different kind of “kilometer allowance.”

There are statistics about everything. But there’s no statistic to record how many kilometers of file folders fill the shelves of Germany with countless invoices, delivery slips, and reams of correspondence. One thing’s for sure: the number is high. Just preserving required documents can create significant costs for businesses.


Paper is patient – the tax authorities aren’t

If you wanted to be ironic, or perhaps cynical, you could call it a “kilometer allowance.” Or you could think of these folders as wasted potential. In a situation like this, how can we explain the fact that just a third of companies employ ECM solutions? There are a large number of providers cluttering the DMS/ECM segment with their solutions – around 180 products, according to Bitkom. Certainly people can’t think searching for files or manually processing documents is fun? Here’s the answer: introducing an ECM solution is still seen by many companies as an expensive proposition. Like an open-heart surgery. Or it’s seen as something that’s only worth it for larger corporations.


More simplicity – that’s the ticket!

In this climate, the market conditions for ECM service providers are more favorable than ever, since the pressure on businesses is growing. On the one hand, this is purely legal pressure – but on the other, it’s also the pressure of the market, the lack of trained personnel, and the competition for digital natives. And about those digital natives: is there anyone who still seriously thinks they’re going to convince them it’s impossible to program a simple, clear user interface for a complex background application or process? We think not.


Who says SAP has to look boring?

That’s exactly what EASY was wondering when we developed the EASY ECM Suite and the new EASY PCM Suite. This gave rise to two pillars of the EASY portfolio that both demonstrate the answer: it is possible. Complex processes and simple operation aren’t a contradiction in terms. An enterprise content management system can have a simple structure, be easy to administer, and seamlessly connect to other systems. No fuss, no muss, just everything you need. And who decided SAP has to look boring, confusing, or daunting at first glance? Certainly not EASY, which you’ll see right away from the EASY PCM Suite.

These are the solutions we need – from the cloud and fully scalable if possible – to ensure that more companies jump on the digitalization bandwagon. If they do, they can stop paying that “kilometer allowance” and profit from higher efficiency and reduced costs.