IT & Business: CTO Balzuweit Enjoys Positive Results

EASY SOFTWARE AG supported its long-time partner CTO Balzuweit GmbH at this year’s “IT & Business” fair in Stuttgart. CTO presented products and solutions by EASY, among other items. CTO is enjoyed positive results, and can now look back on three interesting days of participating in the trade fair.


A New Combination of Three Fairs

In 2015, the new IT & Business fair combined three fairs under one roof for the first time: this was the first year the IT & Business, DMS Expo, and CRM Expo merged into just one event. Exhibitors presented products and solutions related to digital optimization of business processes, and demonstrated how companies can use digitalization to make these processes more efficient, simpler, more secure, and less expensive. This year, the new IT & Business Expo boasted around 7,500 visitors and 310 exhibitors.


Trends and Interests for 2015

Solution experts from CTO Balzuweit joined EASY employees to inform fair-goers about options for optimizing enterprise content management in their companies. Visitor interest primarily centred on auditing and processing invoices. Many interesting professional discussions ensued on this and other topics at the three-day fair.