He who will reap must sow!

In April, EASY SOFTWARE AG donated a tree to Mülheim. From now on, a stately and handsome flowering Chinese dogwood will decorate the orphaned planter on Mühlheim’s Schlossstrasse.



Before EASY, a Mühlheim company, decided to donate a tree to the city, the planter was sadly empty. The tree originally planted there had fallen victim to vandalism. But as of today, frequent passers-by have been enjoying the flowering Chinese dogwood, which should eventually reach up to 4 meters in height, for over five months.


… and reap

Bright red fruits have decorated the potted plant for some time now. The fruits of the flowering Chinese dogwood are even edible, and have a taste similar to a mango or melon. But don’t worry – EASY isn’t expanding its portfolio in the future to start a fruit export business. Our donation of a tree was a one-time campaign for now.