To small for an ECM? That thinking’s history!

Some preconceptions are tough to shake. One of these is that introducing an enterprise content management system has to be expensive, complicated, and take a long time. That might have been true in the past – but times have changed.


Strength: immediate scalability

Today more than ever, it pays for smaller businesses to introduce an ECM. Never before have the hurdles to doing so been so minimal. The cloud is one advance that makes this possible, alongside solutions like the EASY ECM Suite that are located there. It helps smaller companies by enabling totally new delivery and licensing models. Immediate anytime scalability didn’t used to exactly be a strength of typical ECM systems – today it is.


Pay as you go

This is all the more true as a generation of future managers and business owners enters the workforce having grown up with Spotify and similar services. These are the characteristics they value. They’ve learned: you don’t have to own everything – sometimes it’s better to just rent, and pay as you go. This is already a widespread concept for cars – think of carsharing – and will soon be a part of everyday business as well. Why operate servers and worry about data security when someone else can do it for you? Why hire your own IT experts when you can operate a cloud-based application, just paying for the number of licenses and the data volume you need?


The market of the future, for new target groups

Of course, the classic ECM client still prefers its own server. Clients want the introduction of an ECM to go as seamlessly and quickly as possible – which the EASY ECM Suite ensures better than any other product. For a complete installation and integrated setup, you only need to budget about 40 minutes. Cloud-based business continues to grow. This offers the potential of getting clients excited about our products who have never been part of the primary target group for ECM solutions before – from freelancing lone wolves to mid-sized businesses. The prospects look great – for everyone involved.