EASY Presents a New Market Launch

There’s a lot happening at EASY SOFTWARE AG. This dynamism truly came to the fore in a concentrated way during EASY WORLD 2015. EASY unveiled its new market launch at the two-day event, among other exciting developments. The event took place at the same venue as last year, when EASY presented its internal mission statement, representing EASY’s self-conception, and launched its web presence easy.de.


Bolder, Brighter, and More Direct

The new image campaign – accompanied by the new claim “Thinking Ahead for You” – positions EASY even more clearly on the market, consciously and deliberately differentiating it from the current industry image – bolder, brighter, and more direct. “There’s a reason we chose to work with Zum goldenen Hirschen from Hamburg – one of the top creative agencies in Germany. We’re deliberately going with a bold concept, and we’re excited about the reactions we’re going to get” said Peter Rollepatz, responsible for brand strategy at EASY.


Positive Initial Feedback

Initial reactions to this attention-grabbing external launch – backed up by a huge amount of substance, market expertise, and professional know-how – were consistently positive at EASY WORLD 2015. The new, occasionally brash presentations by EASY SOFTWARE AG were received very well by customers, partners, and other interested parties who were present. This is gratifying, and motivates us here at EASY to live up to our position as market leader both now and in the future – not only with regards to competence, but also to the “look & feel” of our company.


New on our website…

The new, unmistakable image also went live online at easy.de in parallel with the EASY WORLD presentation.

Here is a short image gallery with impressions from our website: