Digitalize – but how?

You hear people talking about it in the private realm as well as in economics, research, and politics: digitalization. EASY unlocks its potentials and minimizes its risks. How? Our company recently showed the world during EASY WORLD 2015.

EASY Chairman Willy Cremers got right to the point: digitalization is a driver of growth, and makes other advances like industry 4.0, the internet of things (IOT), and machine-to-machine communication (M2M) possible. New fields of application are popping up every day, for instance in healthcare, the energy industry, traffic management – just think of “driverless cars” – or production automation. They all have one thing in common: they’re hardly thinkable without IT.


EASY helps you seize opportunities

IT helps simplify processes. IT creates transparency and process security, and ensures effectiveness. It drives revenue and allows innovation. Of course, there’s still some social homework to do, but: digitalization needs technical prerequisites to work. Users expect data security. Attorneys need to clarify questions regarding contracts, labor laws, or copyrights. Additional qualifications are required.

For EASY, our motto is clear. EASY ensures customers can seize opportunities, minimize risks, and drive transformation forward. Chairman Willy Cremers spoke on this issue: “Simplicity is one of the central challenges for digital processes. The potential they offer can only be exploited if both devices and applications are easy to operate. Digitalizing processes and customer relationships will only be seen as an added value, a relief, or even as fun if mobile and cloud-based solutions are easy to handle and offer a persuasive user experience.


Customer needs in focus

Today, more than ever, EASY stands for a new understanding of product utility and user guidance in the digital world. Products that help companies realize the possibilities of digitalization in corporate success prove this – for instance, the new EASY ECM Suite, one of two supporting pillars of our portfolio. “We have brought EASY DMS and EASY Archive much closer together in this suite, significantly simplifying configuration and the connection of third-party systems through interfaces like EBIS” said Thomas Cziesla, Head of Portfolio Management, at EASY WORLD 2015.


Solutions for SAP as well

The second supporting pillar of our portfolio is the new EASY PCM Suite. EASY is using it to clean up the SAP world. Previously typical SAP problems like long project durations, complexity, high implementation costs, poor software ergonomics, little mobile support, and confusing terminology are a thing of the past. Jens-Peter Hess, General Manager of SAP Process Content Management, put it this way at EASY WORLD so: “I don’t know of any other provider who has such a self-contained application platform as we do.”

Why? Because three things combine at EASY that you won’t find almost anywhere else in the market: SAP know-how, process knowledge, and an instinct for well-designed user interfaces. A triumvirate encompassing everything you need to successfully meet the demands of digitalization.