Construction industry example: software has to be user-friendly

“SAP is not user-friendly. EASY adds value to the system.” When the head of IT at a successful construction group says something like this, or when he says: “Normally no one in the construction sector wants to use software, but everyone likes to work with EASY,” then it’s a major complement. It wasn’t the only praise Mehmet Timuçin Erdoğu, head of IT for the STFA Construction Group, had to spare at his presentation at EASY WORLD.

But let’s start from the beginning: Turkish company STFA is one of the most successful construction groups in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa). The company implements projects, building bridges, harbours, power plants, and much more in 24 countries. 700 people work for just the construction group alone.


Document-intensive construction sector

Erdoğu explained how STFA came to EASY in this way: “We experienced strong growth up to 2009, and invested first in SAP. We use SAP to manage most business processes – in purchasing, construction, import, and export, for example. All of these processes require a large amount of paperwork.” Additionally, the company completes projects at various locations in multiple countries. They needed to find a way to handle the sheer amount of paper created in their central office in Istanbul.


EASY is especially user-friendly and flexible

STFA looked at all potential suppliers, selected EASY, and wasn’t disappointed with its choice. “I wanted a software that’s so easy my daughter could operate it. Back then, my daughter was seven years old,” the head of IT remembered at EASY WORLD. At the same time, the solution needed to be highly flexible, since process adaptations from one day to the next aren’t unusual in the construction industry, according to Erdoğu.

“EASY proved to be a platform on which you could do just about anything, and do so on your own. We started with pilot projects in contract management, then organized health and safety reports. Then we followed with the area of import/export, and finally risk management.” All documents created here are managed with EASY, and the company is even currently running successful pilot projects in its most important area, construction work. Soon, EASY document management will support all of the group’s construction projects.


Domino effect – one consequence of user-friendliness

A great result, and STFA isn’t the only one who’s pleased. Many of the company’s partners – suppliers, subcontractors, designers, consultants – use the solution as well now too, according to Erdoğu. And the solution enjoys great popularity among employees and top management since it’s called up through the familiar SAP interface and is extremely user-friendly.

It’s now clear: STFA will expand on its application of EASY’s solutions. Currently, Erdoğu mentioned at EASY WORLD, the company is reviewing cloud solutions. The IT head says EASY is essentially the new in-house standard. And thanks to its high level of user-friendliness, it’s even a favourite among people who don’t really like software.

World Paper Free Day: Paperless For One Day!

The day after Bonfire Night’s going to be an important one for the global document management sector, says AIIM’s leader, John Mancini


Four little letters. Just that. But with so much behind them!

A ‘W,’ for World. The world we all want to protect and preserve for our kids and grandchildren.

A ‘P,’ For Paper – a fantastically useful information storage medium that helped civilisation build, without a doubt – but which now needs to take its place along with papyrus and stretched goat skin in the museum, as its use is clogging up business processes and losing us too many of our precious trees.

F,’ for Free. How we want business workflows to be. Digital, secure, organised. Efficient.

D.’ A 24 hour period – but not just any day; it’s going to be a special day for all of us, as it’s a day we’re going to challenge ourselves to be creative about avoiding use of paper from midnight to midnight!

I’m referring of course, to the event behind those four letters and snappy hashtag – World Paper Free Day.

World Paper Free Day is an awesome campaign we’ve been running for the last few years out of AIIM, with the 2015 Day set to take place just three weeks away, on Friday, 6th November – check out our dedicated micro-site here.


HOW much paper gets wasted every day? The answer will shock you

We run the Day because we are more and more concerned – as I am sure you are – about the globe’s continuing reliance on paper.

That’s a reliance that has real, dollar-pound-euro cost. Sustainability charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) has conducted research that shows around 25 sheets of paper get generated every day that are pure waste and immediately discarded. That’s by every office worker in the world, by the way! (See here for more)

We all know there are much better, electronic, ways of sharing information. But for some reason, governments, enterprises, SMBs, even NGOs, haven’t heard the word yet. Can I ask everyone to lend a hand to #WPFD 2015 and help get that word out? It’s not just me or AIIM that needs you to. It’s Mother Earth herself. Let’s help her out a bit.

John Mancini AIIM


John is President of global information managers community group AIIM.

Here at thedmcollaborators, we agree with John and the principles he’s talked about. So we’d love the UK DM community to get behind #WPFD, as it’s a campaign that promotes business adoption of paper-less working and digital ways of working with content.

The simplest way to do that is for you and your team to ‘sign the pledge’ and agree to go paper-free on November 6! Find out about signing up here. There, you can easily download the logo and automatic updates on what the rest of your paper-banners are up to.

As an added incentive, be aware that each registration means one immediate contribution to this year’s supported charity, One Laptop Per Child, a drive to put tech in the eager hands of children in the developing world.

If you are feeling inspired by all this – and we hope you are! – then you can go one step further, by entering a fun competition AIIM’s set up with Fujitsu.

If you take a photo that illustrates the hassles that paper creates in your worklife or office, share it on social media with the #WPFD hashtag, and a joint AIIM-Fujitsu team will be looking out for it! Be as creative and humorous as you like, that’s what the competition’s all about – and if you win, one of the five new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 mobile scanners will be on their way to you.

Finally, follow all the #WPFD fun online at all the links below – but don’t just follow it, join in the debate. We want to know things like, How is your company getting rid of paper? What is the business process that’s most benefited from having paper squeezed out of it? Is paper an issue in your personal or home life? What do you want to see as the lasting result of #WPFD 2015? And so on – don’t be shy about sharing your views.

Twitter and #wpfd Facebook Google + LinkedIn YouTube

See you on the Day – which is, one last time, Friday, November 6, 2015. Good luck to all #WPFD supporters!

If you’re going to work overtime, do it right!

Today, we’d like to talk about something everyone does even though almost no one wants to: work overtime. Why? There’s almost no other country on earth where workers log as many overtime hours as they do in Germany. According to statistics portal Statista, we accrued around a billion unpaid overtime hours in 2014. And 608 million paid hours on top of that. That’s almost 50 million more than in the previous year. And in the current year, roughly one in five employees believes they are expected to be available and flexible to work past their contractually obligated working hours.


Heavy Briefcases? An Anachronism

The number of uncounted hours is tough to estimate – but let’s set that aside for a moment. In this kind of working environment, it’s par for the course that a company’s workers will need to take files home with them to finish up in their home office that they didn’t have time for during the day.


Keeping an eye on data security?

Here’s what many people don’t know: anyone who does take files home with them could be violating the company’s data security guidelines – and unwittingly giving their employer a grounds for dismissal. Companies with a personnel policy that expects employees to take office files with them when they leave should adjust their data security guidelines accordingly and set up a secure procedure for doing so. A procedure that conforms with the Federal Data Protection Act and prevents the loss of important or confidential files as effectively as possible.


There is a better solution

Of course, if you want to set things up right from the start, you should invest in an Enterprise Content Management system. It allows employees access at home to all important data and files without these needing to physically leave the company or be stored on your employee’s laptop hard drive. Working at home is also more efficient with an ECM, meaning employees don’t need to invest as much effort and time. And if that’s not enough: carrying around all those files is bad for your back – and “good” for a few extra days of sick leave.

Training: ITIL® foundation joins with EASY SOFTWARE AG

From November 30th to December 3rd, EASY SOFTWARE AG will provide its partners extensive, practical insights into the world of IT processes. To do so, we’re offering an accredited ITIL Foundation certification; participants will complete the test for certification at the end of the third day.


Apollo 13 workshop included

An Apollo 13 simulation follows the training on day 4. During this simulation game, you will get to know the advantages of ITIL best practices and deepen what you’ve learned by gaining new insights into how to develop your daily processes, among other topics.

Apollo 13 – a so-called ITSM case experience to follow ITIL – is an intensive training game. Your team will take over operation of the mission control centre. Your task is to bring a damaged spaceship and its crew safely back to earth. During this mission, you’ll learn about the potentials of and need for ITIL processes in a fun way. There are no specialized requirements for this exclusive, intensive training session.


Concrete potential applications

During the training week, we would like to join with our cooperative partner ITSM Consulting AG to show you possible applications for ITIL processes in your company. You will also learn how customers perceive IT organizations today, and which criteria they use to make these judgments. Techniques and methods for implementing service management processes will be another component of the four-day training series.

You can find more information on registration, costs, and the course schedule here:

We look forward to your participation.

Invitation to Digital Personnel Files 2015

Audit-proof document storage, increasing work efficiency, and reducing costs and corporate risk all at the same time – but how? We’ll show you during Digital Personnel Files 2015 on November 4th, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM in Hamburg, through EASY HR. You can experience the advantages of digital personnel files from EASY live at the Rhenus Document Services GmbH event.


Important information about personnel management

Let speakers at the one-day event inform you on topics related to digital personnel management. In his professional presentation, Dirk Hupperich, head of Sales Service at EASY SOFTWARE AG, will present some of the options and deployment scenarios for HR files. EASY RHR facilitates transparent bidding and applicant management, as well as cross-national control and documentation of personnel processes. HR files also offer additional flexibility, and are easy to expand with additional functions and processes from personnel management.


Free participation

Learn more about these features, and about how digital personnel files can optimize cross-division and/or cross-location tasks. Other topics at this free event will include security, data protection, and legal frameworks.

You can find more information on registration and the event agenda here: (Only in German language)

We look forward to your participation!

EASY webcast: Email archiving can be this comfortable

On 6th November 2015 at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can use EASY for Exchange to archive your business emails simply and reliably.

Does a large part of communication within your company take place via email? Do you use emails for internal communications between departments and to approve critical business processes? Then look forward to our webcast on EASY for Exchange 1.0. Discover how all emails in your company can be stored in compliance with the law.

Register now to participate in the free EASY for Exchange 1.0 webcast by clicking here.

Intrigued? Tomorrow we will be showing you how you can use EASY RECORDS for HR 2.1 to manage your personnel files easily and securely, and how you can manage applicants faster and more efficiently. This webcast will also start at 11 am. Click here to register. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Study: Poor Grades for Collaboration Tools

It’s essentially a simple concept: when you have more and more teams, spread out over multiple locations – maybe even divided by international borders – who need to work together, powerful collaboration tools simply have no alternative. Especially if you want to improve speed and efficiency. In a current study in the English-speaking world, however, employees gave these kinds of collaboration tools poor grades.


Four Percent Say “no”

The survey “Collaboration Trends and Technology” by Dimensional Research on document sharing platforms provides specific numbers. The study’s authors asked 753 employees in Canada, the USA, and Great Britain about their experiences with such tools. They found that not even one in twenty enjoys using the tools available at their place of employment.


Younger Employees are More Demanding

On the contrary: almost 60 percent are extremely unsatisfied with the tools. Younger colleagues, who have grown up with mobile apps or who simply maintain a lifestyle permeated by technology, are even more fed up with tools they see as unproductive: 71 percent of participants were particularly unsatisfied.


Shadow IT Favored

This leads to a problem: when employees view the employer’s tool as insufficient, many sidestep it in favor of other solutions – which is where shadow IT comes into play. 16 percent of those questioned even used solutions from the public cloud not authorized by their employers.


A Solution á la EASY

Would a similar study in Germany bring similar results to light? Perhaps – shadow IT is a major topic here in our country as well. But at least here there’s a solution to the problem, and it’s available scaled to work for any size of company. After all, collaboration was one of the most important items on the agenda when developing the EASY ECM Suite, which is currently celebrating its market launch – and it shows.

EASY Cloud Services – off to a great start

At the partner information day at the beginning of this year, EASY announced its roadmap for the market launch of EASY Cloud Services. This was the roadmap for the first EASY product we and our partners are operating and making available directly from the cloud. Since EASY WORLD in September 2015, one thing has become clear: EASY Cloud Services is a success.


Totally new customer Groups

EASY from the cloud – that’s new. Not just for EASY, but for our partners and customers as well. The product has many advantages for end consumers: it facilitates a new deployment and licensing models and provides quicker reaction times, better scalability, more flexibility, and lower operating costs. Additionally, it makes ECM attractive to totally new customer groups. It’s only natural, then, that the product’s launch at EASY WORLD was connected with high expectations. What would EASY say about our cloud strategy? What’s the status quo? Will the market accept the product?


Over 5 TB of data already

The answer is: yes. And the numbers back it up, at an impressive scale. Just in the short time between the product launch and EASY WORLD, we succeeded in winning five business partners for EASY Cloud Services. They’re not just on board with the concept, but have also added 14 customers on their own part, mostly for archiving and workflow components. 217 EASY archives are already stored in the EASY cloud, with a total volume of 5.25 terabytes.


Larger companies lead the way

That kind of volume with just 14 customers? An average of 15 archives per customer? The conclusion is clear: EASY Cloud Services tend to reach larger companies, as Gerald Rüdiger Head of Cloud Business Services, confirmed to the audience at EASY WORLD. Alfred Kärcher alone, for example, a leading automobile supplier, is represented by 30 archives.


In negotiations with eleven Partners

And that’s not all: another eleven partners are at the starting blocks and currently evaluating EASY ECM from the cloud. All this is plenty of reason to be optimistic and set ambitious goals: EASY wants to grow the Cloud Services division of our company by 250% over the previous year during 2016. Even today, says Rüdiger, the revenue from cloud products is “visible;” in 2016, he intends to make it “considerable.” Our long-term plan includes offering additional HR services or a complete HR suite from the cloud.

EASY ECM from the cloud isn’t just off to a good start; it’s enjoying perfect flight conditions, with no lack of interest and acceptance from partners and customers. In view of all this, the title for the EASY WORLD presentation was definitely an appropriate one – What was it? “Well grounded – and ready to fly.”

EASY offers Microsoft SQL Server licenses for many years

EASY SOFTWARE AG has been offering Microsoft SQL server licenses for many years within the framework of its solutions. With the release of Microsoft Office 2016 products, some older versions are no longer available or only available for a limited time.

Concretely, this means that starting now, Microsoft Office 2010 products will no longer be available. Additionally, products from 2013 versions will only remain available until 09/30/2017.

As an EASY partner, you can find Microsoft SQL server licenses, adjusted price lists, and much more valuable information as usual on the EASY Extranet.

Video on EASY Archive for Salesforce now online

The video on the EASY Archive for Salesforce solution presented at EASY WORLD 2015 is now also available on our website. In the video, we show you which business scenarios your company can manage using the EASY filing system.

More efficient document archiving

EASY Archive for Salesforce provides a solution for reliably archiving documents relevant to your business. Its unlimited flexibility with regards to the number of users and memory volume allows you to customize deployment to match your company’s Needs.

Watch the full video on the EASY Archive for Salesforce solution here. (Only in German language.)

Watch the flyer here.