Release 15.1: The EASY ECM Suite Has Launched

Just in time for EASY WORLD 2015, we’ve launched EASY ECM Suite in Version 15.1. Based on almost 25 years of experience with digital, document-based processes, EASY’s EASY ECM Suite offers a complete solution optimally suited for displaying all document-centered processes in a company. EASY ECM Suite supports the entire life cycle of a document, from its creation to the processing and transmission of information, and all the way to secure, long-term storage.


Specialized Modules

Specialized modules support user tasks and operations with a high degree of user-friendliness. Automatic reminders ensure that users reliably adhere to deadlines. Standard modules integrate the EASY ECM Suite deeply into specific infrastructures like SAP, Microsoft, or IBM Notes.


Flexible Structures

Flexible file structures establish order, at the same time allowing a transparent representation of all relevant information in the company. Powerful interfaces dynamically exchange information with existing company systems, for instance with accounting or the CRM system.


New Web Client

For example, one of the numerous highlights of the new EASY ECM Suite is a new web client offering an extremely high level of user-friendliness and operating ergonomics for more fun at work. Besides classic use at an office workstation, the web client also supports mobile devices in a never-before-available format, freeing users to work anywhere and at any time.


Simple Installation

The new EASY setup makes installation child’s play. After starting the solution, you will only need to enter a few additional pieces of information, and the EASY ECM Suite with all components is typically ready for use in well under an hour. For EASY partners, this means more security and more time for the customer. It’s best to install EASY Show Case at the same time so that the solution is fulfilled with appropriate data simultaneously. Besides the immediate capability to make presentations, this also means added value for our customers.


More in the Extranet

Information on the EASY ECM Suite and the components it contains, as well as downloads, is available to EASY partners as usual on our extranet.