EASY WORLD 2015: New Developments and an Anniversary

EASY SOFTWARE AG has really been on the move in the 12 months since the last EASY WORLD. EASY also celebrated its 25th birthday at the same time as the conference, our top event of the year. That’s why the program of EASY WORLD 2015 on September 22nd and 23rd included a look back into the past, as well as insights into the newest developments and a preview of what to watch out for in upcoming months and years.

In his keynote address, Chairman Willy Cremers presented a “cornucopia” of news to around 400 guests in the ballroom at Mühlheim city hall. He began by highlighting interesting impressions and important events in his review of a quarter century of EASY SOFTWARE history. “Our company has not always had a simple path,” Cremers said. “Nevertheless, we can be proud that our skill and success have kept us on the market this long.”

After this journey into the past, the EASY Chairman began with a 2015 update: “The starting shot has been fired for us to begin re-arranging and augmenting our product offerings. We have taken on a major challenge – one that may have, at times, pushed us to our limits. But we have taken an important step, and as a company, we should all be very, very proud of our initial results.


EASY Officially Introduces the New ECM Suite

One result, for instance, is the now officially introduced EASY ECM Suite, which Thomas Cziesla, head of Portfolio Management, presented in detail in the course of the event alongside his team. As Gerald Rüdiger, manager of Cloud Business Services, and Andrea Schmigalla made clear: with the EASY ECM Suite and cloud storage, companies profit from an integrated platform for Enterprise Content Management that quickly adapts to current needs using flexible service models. The wide spectrum of solutions the EASY Cloud and the Online Service Suite offer are characterized by simplicity and dynamism. Starting in the fourth quarter, for example, EASY will begin offering archival solutions for Salesforce, with more solutions to come.


PCM Suite Expands the EASY Portfolio

Besides the new developments in the EASY ECM Suite, EASY used the event to inform its guest about a new business segment. Jens-Peter Hess, General Manager of SAP Process Content Management, presented EASY PCM alongside his team during EASY WORLD 2015. EASY PCM expands the EASY product portfolio by offering a powerful and flexible SAP column. EASY is using this product to directly address the SAP market, and we predict excellent chances for growth both nationally and internationally alongside our partners and clients. “We are pleased and happy to be able to complement our portfolio with an even deeper, proven process expertise in the area of SAP,” Willy Cremers commented on gaining EASY PCM.


SPIRIT: Moving Forward

The SPIRIT project, first presented at EASY WORLD 2014, is taking major steps forward, as project director Marcel Rosenbaum demonstrated in his speech. The concept has been fully developed in the last year, and discussed with selected partners. With Rosenbaum and his developer team having validated various technologies in multiple Proofs of Concepts, the architecture is in place. An arranged technology partnership also guarantees EASY a much quicker market launch. This means EASY will already be prepared to start offering services within the framework of “EASY goes Mobile” in the first quarter of 2016.


New Market Launch: “Thinking Ahead for You.“

As a market leader for ECM solutions in Germany, EASY Chairman Willy Cremers presented visitors an exclusive insight into our newly developed market launch. With the EASY slogan “Thinking Ahead for You,” EASY SOFTWARE AG is clearly differentiating itself from the competition and expressing the core of our business using a charming turn of phrase. The new claim and market launch are available now on our website, easy.de, so you can see what the new concept “feels” like for yourself.


A Different Kind of Time Travel: The History of Digitalization

To start off the evening’s events, visitors took a unique journey through time. In a live broadcast, director Dr. Jochen Viehoff provided brief glimpses into the exhibits at the Heinz-Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn, the world’s largest museum for computing and IT technology. One of the many astounding discoveries made during this journey through the history of digitalization was that humanity has been engaged in bookkeeping, archiving, and various forms of data storage and data security for 5,000 years. It is an irony of history that a clay tablet from Mesopotamia, thousands of years old, that was used to make entries with cuneiform script is almost the same size as a modern smartphone.


A Humorous Look at the Ruhr Region

As he did last year, following the tour cabaret artist and original Ruhr region personality Frank Goosen made guests laugh with his gift for observation. The Bochum-born comic gave a humorous performance on the Ruhr region and its people for the audience, who had traveled from all over Germany and from abroad. The show program with captivating live band created a high-spirited mood during the evening, rounding off the first day’s social events.


Numerous Professional Presentations

Presentations on new developments at EASY continued on day two of EASY WORLD 2015 with numerous professional presentations and personal discussions. Visitors used the presentations to learn about current and future advances in the market and in product offerings. The primary focus was on deepening insights into the ECM Suite and EASY PCM – two supporting pillars of the EASY product portfolio. After a mid-day break, the program continued with exciting information on Partner Management and on EASY Discovery, before Chairman Willy Cremers rounded out the successful event with a speech of thanks to all the guests, the EASY employees, and the many hardworking helpers who made EASY WORLD 2015 possible. Of course, he also mentioned EASY WORLD 2016 as well – we hope you make a note of it; we’re looking forward to seeing you again!


Pictures: EASY SOFTWARE AG/Alexander Maier