EASY ECM from the cloud: the right tool at the right time

With our new EASY ECM Cloud Services, EASY has departed from the current licensing model, offering software solution bundles you can expand as needed. These are ideal for beginners in the world of ECM. EASY has really hit a nerve with small and medium sized businesses, as one current study on IT in the mid-sized sector confirms.


Be scalable, stay flexible

In an article titled “Cloud, SaaS und mobile IT-Lösungen im Mittelstand 2015” (Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile IT solutions in mid-sized businesses, 2015), IT and web experts asked mid-sized companies in Germany about their investment planning and their IT layouts. Here’s what they found: two thirds of all those interviewed expected sharp increases in IT needs in the next few years. Outsourcing IT functions is becoming ever more important, as is finding scalable services, for example Software as a Service (Saas). Mid-sized companies also saw strong, competent partners as a necessity when introducing new software solutions. 57 percent of those asked felt this was a decisive factor in the success of implementation projects.


EASY ECM Suite: great for newbies

That practically sounds like a blueprint for the new EASY ECM Suite: after all, companies can use it to create powerful document management systems easier than ever before, then easily shift service or maintenance for their software to the Cloud.


Important features: transparent and scalable

EASY is a powerful partner to have in your corner, since we can handle topics like server availability, data security, and everything else that has been stopping small to mid-sized businesses without their own IT departments from daring to introduce new software solutions. And then there’s the software itself, which is completely transparent and scalable. It matches the needs expressed in the new study perfectly. Users can easily add or cancel licenses or functionalities at any time.


Initial hurdles? What hurdles?

The EASY ECM Suite has no trouble keeping pace with dynamic business developments from the Cloud. Any hurdles users might have worried about are simply swept out of the way. Let’s get to work!