Recruiting: added value through digitalization

Digitalization has finally arrived in the HR department. 88 percent of companies use job portals for recruiting, and more than 80 percent have a career page on their own website. On the other hand, only half of businesses are still sticking to traditional outlets and publishing positions in print media. But what good are all these new communication methods if you’re still managing internal processes by hand?


Printing and filing – what’s the point?

Let’s imagine an online portal generates a contact to an applicant. Let’s also imagine there’s a recruiting area as well on the company’s own homepage where the applicant can do some research and upload their files. These are ideal conditions for an efficient applicant management process. It’s hard to understand why some companies still print out digital applicant files and send them rushing through their halls. Of course, sending files via email – between the HR department and specialist departments, for example – is much quicker, but it’s just a taste of all the possibilities digitalization opens up for recruiting.


Digitalization offers many advantages

Ultimately, the internet brings applicants and companies together – easily and quickly. To ensure the process doesn’t slow down, HR departments need to digitalize their processes and make them more efficient. A step like this entails many advantages. With a powerful solution like EASY HR, for example, employee-related documents and files can be stored easier and in a more structured way than ever before using an automated process. And if you need to work with a file – to make a decision about an applicant, for example – the system sends a friendly reminder to the person responsible to provide an answer by a particular day (specified internally). And the best thing is: no more papers needlessly wandering through your hallways.


Interfaces: absolute added value

Statistics tell us that former top dog recruiting platforms are experiencing somewhat of a downturn. The most popular platform with companies is LinkedIn. Xing sneaks into fourth place. Monster has just a slight advantage, landing at third. This makes it all the more gratifying to learn that EASY HR offers job announcement and applicant management tools with interfaces through which you can access a large number of online job marketplaces. These include not only LinkedIn and Xing, but also the German Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Labor Office) job portal. It’s even easy to link your own webpage’s recruiting area with EASY HR. These are great prospects for anyone whose digital recruiting motto is: if you’re going to do something, then you’d better do it right.