EASY ECM Suite: installation – turbocharged.

The new EASY ECM Suite is anything but a simple bundle of products – it is a fully, deeply integrated suite. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you begin installing our complete software solution. To cover a range of services similar to what the EASY ECM Suite offers, you used to need to install multiple individual software modules or clients. This often took a considerable amount of time, or even extra work to ensure everything worked smoothly together.


One setup process for everything

EASY ECM Suite is cleaning house – you only need to go through one setup process. Once you’ve downloaded the ISO file from the EASY server and initiated the application, a start window opens with systems recommendations and accompanying information.


Centralized component selection

You’ll also see a start button to begin installation – and once you’ve pressed it, you’ll see the most important screen of the whole installation process: component selection. There, you will find all the modules in the EASY ECM Suite – including Archive, DMS, and Capture – as well as interfaces, third party modules, and the Microsoft SQL server. Users just have to choose components to install from a straightforward list, and will have the option to make changes to the pre-selected standard configuration.


Quicker and simpler than ever before

Once that’s done, the actual installation can begin. The best thing about installation is that it only takes 30-40 minutes. If you start installing the Suite before you head out to lunch, for example, it will be done by the time you get back to your desk. Users will be greeted by a confirmation screen, telling them installation is complete. If you want, you can look at the installation log files or technical documentation from the confirmation. Of course, the most important thing on the screen will be a button – the button that directly starts the EASY ECM Suite. If things start off this simple, you can be sure they’ll only get easier from there.