Bright and bold, but still substantial: EASY presents its new brand strategy at EASY WORLD 2015

There’s a lot happening at EASY SOFTWARE AG. This dynamism is a fundamental component of our new marketing concept: “Our industry has – to put it carefully – a fairly homogenous external image. We want to break out of that, to set new standards in this area, and to lead the market,” says Peter Rollepatz, market strategist for EASY.


Clear and unique brand positioning

We started by presenting our internal mission statement at EASY WORLD 2014, clarifying our self-conception as we launched Now, this conception is the basis for our image campaign, which stakes new claims to differentiate and position EASY in the market. “There’s a reason we chose to work with Zum goldenen Hirschen from Hamburg – one of the top creative agencies in Germany. We’re deliberately going with a bold concept, and we’re excited about the reactions we’re going to get,” Rollepatz continued.


Authenticity, with a wink and a smile

Ultimately, however, what’s truly important is the substance behind our high-profile brand image: marketing expertise and professional know-how. “That’s why we have no doubt our new brand identity will effortlessly master the balancing act between credibility and just a wink of fun,” Rollepatz continued. In any case, one thing’s already clear: things at EASY are getting brighter, more entertaining, and maybe just a little bit bolder too.