EASY ECM Suite: the difference is in the details

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you start installation. There’s just one installation routine to worry about, and the first time you open the central client application you’ll agree: the new EASY ECM Suite looks clean and is easy to manage, as promised.


But, just as you’d expect from EASY, appearances aren’t everything. Quite the contrary: operating the EASY ECM Suite is also more intuitive than ever before. Multiple new features make life significantly easier for users by eliminating steps, expanding functionality, or just reducing the number of clicks required for a process.


Native PDF support: now available

Here’s an example: displaying PDF files. Native display is available for the first time, integrated seamlessly into the HTML structure of the client. The advantage of this is in eliminating classic plugins, which always represent a risk with regards to compatibility, performance, or even security.


Drag, drop, view

Another new feature is the drag & drop client functionality. You no longer need to open a dialog box within the EASY ECM Suite to add a file or folder to a document, nor do you have to select, click on, or attach documents. Now you can use the drop zone: an area in the client where the user simply drags the document to add a file or folder. Anyone who needs to create dozens, or even hundreds, of such files daily will appreciate the drop zone.


Say goodbye to the edit button

We could also mention the EASY client dashboard: as you know, this is where files can be changed, corrected, or completed. Up until now, if you wanted to change a data record, you needed to press the “Edit” button first. Not anymore: in the EASY ECM Suite, all you have to do is double click in the right field, and you’re ready to edit.


The place to be: the EASY Extranet

Although it’s not an integral component of the EASY ECM Suite, the new Extranet – you can visit it at extranet.easy.de – is another way we’re making life easier for EASY partners every day. As a central communication platform, the extranet offers access to presentations, documents, best practices, or information on release statuses any time you need it – in both German and English.


Looking at the big Picture

Native PDF display in a responsive HTML5 client, the drop zone, the elimination of unnecessary elements, the EASY extranet: each of these elements is, on its own, an advance with considerable benefits for partners and clients. Together, however, all these details combine to make the EASY ECM Suite what it is: a quantum leap for any user.


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