Digital documents in practice

Which legal requirements does your company need to fulfil when working with digital documents? Löwenfels Partner AG, a long-time EASY partner, recently answered this question in a report worth reading. After all, companies don’t always know right from the start how to establish legally compliant processes in daily practice.


Legal regulations…

The report describes the right approach to introducing digital document solutions. Consistent, thorough digitalisation offers not only significant increases in efficiency, but also substantial cost savings. Discussions of “document management systems” (DMS) often give the impression that there are no basic legal requirements governing purely paper-based documentation systems. One also gets the impression that introducing a DMS just makes everything feel more complicated. This isn’t true, of course.


… fulfilled successfully

EASY DMS, for example, offers you a highly modern document management system. Some of its primary advantages include its simplicity, security, and efficiency. Companies who comply with the statutes of the Geschäftsbücherverordnung (GeBüV – German Accounting Ordinance) can use a successfully digitalized DMS in their business operations. DMS even offer a secure way to view files or implement management approvals on the go using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), at almost any time of day, from almost anywhere.

Interested? Read the whole report from EASY partner Löwenfels here. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.