Study: global ECM market becoming ever more valuable

The study “Global Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Market 2015 – 2019” appeared in mid-August. The analysts from Marketsandmarkets predicted a rosy future for the ECM market: in the year 2020, it is predicted to be worth 60 billion US dollars.


60 billion US dollars – that’s not exactly pocket change. The worldwide biotech industry is worth about that much. Or the entire US online advertising industry. If you made a dollar for every e-mail sent during the year 2014, you’d bank about 60 billion dollars.


20 percent growth per year?

The need for consistent, integrated, cross-platform content management strategies is growing in every industry and among every size of business. The ECM market is projected to generate 60 billion US dollars of turnover in the year 2020, with a market volume more than double what it is today. Currently, the turnover is 25 million dollars per year. This number is projected to grow by 19.5% per year until the year 2020. The reasons for this have been apparent for years: business processes are slimming down, costs are sinking, and the total cost of ownership is going down as well.


Compliance, risk management and collaboration as market drivers

Earlier this year, AIIM Reports came to a similar conclusion in their articles “ECM Decisions: strategic options for managing, accessing, and preserving content” and “Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM”. These were even more concrete: 40 percent of those asked saw reductions in cost and increases in efficiency as the main drivers behind ECM. Compliance and risk management won over 33% of those surveyed, and improved collaboration 18%.


But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which need most clearly drives development. What’s important is that ECM products cover all these needs comprehensively. With the release of our new ECM Suite, it’s an approach that’s driving EASY more than ever before.