EASY WORLD 2015: New Developments and an Anniversary

EASY SOFTWARE AG has really been on the move in the 12 months since the last EASY WORLD. EASY also celebrated its 25th birthday at the same time as the conference, our top event of the year. That’s why the program of EASY WORLD 2015 on September 22nd and 23rd included a look back into the past, as well as insights into the newest developments and a preview of what to watch out for in upcoming months and years.

In his keynote address, Chairman Willy Cremers presented a “cornucopia” of news to around 400 guests in the ballroom at Mühlheim city hall. He began by highlighting interesting impressions and important events in his review of a quarter century of EASY SOFTWARE history. “Our company has not always had a simple path,” Cremers said. “Nevertheless, we can be proud that our skill and success have kept us on the market this long.”

After this journey into the past, the EASY Chairman began with a 2015 update: “The starting shot has been fired for us to begin re-arranging and augmenting our product offerings. We have taken on a major challenge – one that may have, at times, pushed us to our limits. But we have taken an important step, and as a company, we should all be very, very proud of our initial results.


EASY Officially Introduces the New ECM Suite

One result, for instance, is the now officially introduced EASY ECM Suite, which Thomas Cziesla, head of Portfolio Management, presented in detail in the course of the event alongside his team. As Gerald Rüdiger, manager of Cloud Business Services, and Andrea Schmigalla made clear: with the EASY ECM Suite and cloud storage, companies profit from an integrated platform for Enterprise Content Management that quickly adapts to current needs using flexible service models. The wide spectrum of solutions the EASY Cloud and the Online Service Suite offer are characterized by simplicity and dynamism. Starting in the fourth quarter, for example, EASY will begin offering archival solutions for Salesforce, with more solutions to come.


PCM Suite Expands the EASY Portfolio

Besides the new developments in the EASY ECM Suite, EASY used the event to inform its guest about a new business segment. Jens-Peter Hess, General Manager of SAP Process Content Management, presented EASY PCM alongside his team during EASY WORLD 2015. EASY PCM expands the EASY product portfolio by offering a powerful and flexible SAP column. EASY is using this product to directly address the SAP market, and we predict excellent chances for growth both nationally and internationally alongside our partners and clients. “We are pleased and happy to be able to complement our portfolio with an even deeper, proven process expertise in the area of SAP,” Willy Cremers commented on gaining EASY PCM.


SPIRIT: Moving Forward

The SPIRIT project, first presented at EASY WORLD 2014, is taking major steps forward, as project director Marcel Rosenbaum demonstrated in his speech. The concept has been fully developed in the last year, and discussed with selected partners. With Rosenbaum and his developer team having validated various technologies in multiple Proofs of Concepts, the architecture is in place. An arranged technology partnership also guarantees EASY a much quicker market launch. This means EASY will already be prepared to start offering services within the framework of “EASY goes Mobile” in the first quarter of 2016.


New Market Launch: “Thinking Ahead for You.“

As a market leader for ECM solutions in Germany, EASY Chairman Willy Cremers presented visitors an exclusive insight into our newly developed market launch. With the EASY slogan “Thinking Ahead for You,” EASY SOFTWARE AG is clearly differentiating itself from the competition and expressing the core of our business using a charming turn of phrase. The new claim and market launch are available now on our website, easy.de, so you can see what the new concept “feels” like for yourself.


A Different Kind of Time Travel: The History of Digitalization

To start off the evening’s events, visitors took a unique journey through time. In a live broadcast, director Dr. Jochen Viehoff provided brief glimpses into the exhibits at the Heinz-Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn, the world’s largest museum for computing and IT technology. One of the many astounding discoveries made during this journey through the history of digitalization was that humanity has been engaged in bookkeeping, archiving, and various forms of data storage and data security for 5,000 years. It is an irony of history that a clay tablet from Mesopotamia, thousands of years old, that was used to make entries with cuneiform script is almost the same size as a modern smartphone.


A Humorous Look at the Ruhr Region

As he did last year, following the tour cabaret artist and original Ruhr region personality Frank Goosen made guests laugh with his gift for observation. The Bochum-born comic gave a humorous performance on the Ruhr region and its people for the audience, who had traveled from all over Germany and from abroad. The show program with captivating live band created a high-spirited mood during the evening, rounding off the first day’s social events.


Numerous Professional Presentations

Presentations on new developments at EASY continued on day two of EASY WORLD 2015 with numerous professional presentations and personal discussions. Visitors used the presentations to learn about current and future advances in the market and in product offerings. The primary focus was on deepening insights into the ECM Suite and EASY PCM – two supporting pillars of the EASY product portfolio. After a mid-day break, the program continued with exciting information on Partner Management and on EASY Discovery, before Chairman Willy Cremers rounded out the successful event with a speech of thanks to all the guests, the EASY employees, and the many hardworking helpers who made EASY WORLD 2015 possible. Of course, he also mentioned EASY WORLD 2016 as well – we hope you make a note of it; we’re looking forward to seeing you again!


Pictures: EASY SOFTWARE AG/Alexander Maier

EASY Presents a New Market Launch

There’s a lot happening at EASY SOFTWARE AG. This dynamism truly came to the fore in a concentrated way during EASY WORLD 2015. EASY unveiled its new market launch at the two-day event, among other exciting developments. The event took place at the same venue as last year, when EASY presented its internal mission statement, representing EASY’s self-conception, and launched its web presence easy.de.


Bolder, Brighter, and More Direct

The new image campaign – accompanied by the new claim “Thinking Ahead for You” – positions EASY even more clearly on the market, consciously and deliberately differentiating it from the current industry image – bolder, brighter, and more direct. “There’s a reason we chose to work with Zum goldenen Hirschen from Hamburg – one of the top creative agencies in Germany. We’re deliberately going with a bold concept, and we’re excited about the reactions we’re going to get” said Peter Rollepatz, responsible for brand strategy at EASY.


Positive Initial Feedback

Initial reactions to this attention-grabbing external launch – backed up by a huge amount of substance, market expertise, and professional know-how – were consistently positive at EASY WORLD 2015. The new, occasionally brash presentations by EASY SOFTWARE AG were received very well by customers, partners, and other interested parties who were present. This is gratifying, and motivates us here at EASY to live up to our position as market leader both now and in the future – not only with regards to competence, but also to the “look & feel” of our company.

Use the EASY ECM Suite to Successfully Win New Clients

Quick, transparent project planning and short project durations – EASY ECM Suite makes it possible. It allows partners to optimally combine forces on each project. It enables EASY to develop the solution with a view to the client, to usability, to the user experience, and to a quicker time to market. And with the new licensing model, business packages, and cloud services, it also allows you to appeal to totally new customer groups.


Extranet Replaces Partnernet

But how can you bring all this to your customers? EASY provides an answer to this question with its new Extranet, our replacement for the earlier Partnernet. This is where you can find all the tools you need for optimal marketing. You enter the secure area as usual by logging in on the EASY internet page. Besides presentations and documentation, the Extranet also offers best practices and information on current release statuses – as well as the tried and true knowledge databank from the WIKI. All materials are available in German and English.


Salesbox: the New Consulting Tool

EASY has also developed a new offering for partners: the EASY Salesbox. Consultants can use it to keep all the information they need for a customer contact right at hand. The Salesbox is a collection of flyers and both short and more extensive solution presentations. You can access them directly from the Salesbox interface through a link, then present them live to customers. If desired, the customer can also watch the presentation again as often as he likes. Consultants are able to activate the appropriate link for customers on site.


Following New Paths

EASY ECM Suite is not just the first complete Suite by EASY. It’s not only focused on manageable modules and customer benefits like simplicity and improved collaboration. It’s also not just EASY’s cloud offering, or just a premiere for the new EASY licensing model. It’s also a way for EASY to follow new paths in marketing and distribution alongside our partners.

New at EASY: A Little Glue, a Little Redecorating

The glue that holds a marketing campaign together: at the same time as our new market launch was being presented at EASY WORLD 2015, workers were decorating the offices of EASY SOFTWARE AG at the Mühlheim head office with new lettering, and our succinct claim: “Thinking Ahead for You.” The new, unmistakable market launch attracts attention and expresses the core of what makes EASY SOFTWARE AG unique. And now we at EASY will have our new slogan right before our eyes every day – in the truest sense of the word. In this instance, our new motto really is the “glue” that holds the whole campaign together.


Here, you can find a small photo gallery of the workers redecorating:

Release 15.1: The EASY ECM Suite Has Launched

Just in time for EASY WORLD 2015, we’ve launched EASY ECM Suite in Version 15.1. Based on almost 25 years of experience with digital, document-based processes, EASY’s EASY ECM Suite offers a complete solution optimally suited for displaying all document-centered processes in a company. EASY ECM Suite supports the entire life cycle of a document, from its creation to the processing and transmission of information, and all the way to secure, long-term storage.


Specialized Modules

Specialized modules support user tasks and operations with a high degree of user-friendliness. Automatic reminders ensure that users reliably adhere to deadlines. Standard modules integrate the EASY ECM Suite deeply into specific infrastructures like SAP, Microsoft, or IBM Notes.


Flexible Structures

Flexible file structures establish order, at the same time allowing a transparent representation of all relevant information in the company. Powerful interfaces dynamically exchange information with existing company systems, for instance with accounting or the CRM system.


New Web Client

For example, one of the numerous highlights of the new EASY ECM Suite is a new web client offering an extremely high level of user-friendliness and operating ergonomics for more fun at work. Besides classic use at an office workstation, the web client also supports mobile devices in a never-before-available format, freeing users to work anywhere and at any time.


Simple Installation

The new EASY setup makes installation child’s play. After starting the solution, you will only need to enter a few additional pieces of information, and the EASY ECM Suite with all components is typically ready for use in well under an hour. For EASY partners, this means more security and more time for the customer. It’s best to install EASY Show Case at the same time so that the solution is fulfilled with appropriate data simultaneously. Besides the immediate capability to make presentations, this also means added value for our customers.


More in the Extranet

Information on the EASY ECM Suite and the components it contains, as well as downloads, is available to EASY partners as usual on our extranet.

Summer message revisited

What a perfect summer season: blue sky and white, sandy beaches! What fun! The perfect match, not just in terms of color, to such scenery is our EASY ball, as this snapshot from the sun-drenched island of Crete so lucidly illustrates: “EASY@theBeach”.


Let’s face it: such an image elicits a longing for escape to warmer latitudes, especially in view of our heading towards winter, with days becoming shorter and temperatures steadily falling. But summer will definitely return, and then our EASY ball will probably be swirling through the air again in sunny Crete and elsewhere…

EASY webcast: Process and manage contracts quickly and securely

On 9th October at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can process and manage contracts quickly, efficiently and reliably with EASY CONTRACT.

EASY CONTRACT provides all authorised members of staff with all of the information and documents required in a standardised format. You can monitor deadlines, cancellations and extensions automatically with our software. The delegation of tasks and stand-in arrangements ensure that contracts are processed properly at all times. Detailed read and write permissions protect you from the improper handling of your confidential contractual documents.

Register now to participate in the free EASY CONTRACT webcast by clicking >here<. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

Intrigued? Tomorrow we will be showing you how you can archive emails reliably, conveniently and securely with EASY for Exchange 1.0. Discover how you can store all of the emails in your company in compliance with the law. This webcast will also start at 11 am. Click >here< to register. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

EASY ECM from the cloud: the right tool at the right time

With our new EASY ECM Cloud Services, EASY has departed from the current licensing model, offering software solution bundles you can expand as needed. These are ideal for beginners in the world of ECM. EASY has really hit a nerve with small and medium sized businesses, as one current study on IT in the mid-sized sector confirms.


Be scalable, stay flexible

In an article titled “Cloud, SaaS und mobile IT-Lösungen im Mittelstand 2015” (Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile IT solutions in mid-sized businesses, 2015), IT and web experts asked mid-sized companies in Germany about their investment planning and their IT layouts. Here’s what they found: two thirds of all those interviewed expected sharp increases in IT needs in the next few years. Outsourcing IT functions is becoming ever more important, as is finding scalable services, for example Software as a Service (Saas). Mid-sized companies also saw strong, competent partners as a necessity when introducing new software solutions. 57 percent of those asked felt this was a decisive factor in the success of implementation projects.


EASY ECM Suite: great for newbies

That practically sounds like a blueprint for the new EASY ECM Suite: after all, companies can use it to create powerful document management systems easier than ever before, then easily shift service or maintenance for their software to the Cloud.


Important features: transparent and scalable

EASY is a powerful partner to have in your corner, since we can handle topics like server availability, data security, and everything else that has been stopping small to mid-sized businesses without their own IT departments from daring to introduce new software solutions. And then there’s the software itself, which is completely transparent and scalable. It matches the needs expressed in the new study perfectly. Users can easily add or cancel licenses or functionalities at any time.


Initial hurdles? What hurdles?

The EASY ECM Suite has no trouble keeping pace with dynamic business developments from the Cloud. Any hurdles users might have worried about are simply swept out of the way. Let’s get to work!

EASY WORLD 2015: “Thinking ahead for you.”

“EASY: face-to-face and close to customers and partners” – This was the key message of the top event 2015 of EASY SOFTWARE AG, with the company also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. At EASY WORLD 2015, our customers, partners and prospects gathered in-depth and first-hand information about recent changes at EASY and upcoming changes for the next couple of months and years.

At Mülheim town hall, EASY CEO Willy Cremers opened the EASY WORLD 2015 event, giving an update on EASY solutions as well as introducing the new EASY slogan “Thinking ahead for you”. With this opening speech, Mr. Cremers provided a compact overview of the company’s newly evolved market presence, as well as of the current and upcoming product portfolio.

This includes EASY PCM, which adds a new pillar to the product portfolio of the EASY ECM Suite. EASY thereby now provides customers and partners different file solutions directly in SAP.

Moreover, the visitors made use of the numerous professional presentations and personal discussions on both days of the event to get information about new market and product developments. One of the technical highlights here was the “Live-Out-of-the-Box” installation of the EASY ECM Suite and introducing the EASY SPIRIT app.

The first day of the EASY WORLD 2015 event ended with a colorful evening program, where German cabaret artist Frank Goosen, who made the audience laugh with his jokes about the Ruhr district, provided good entertainment. This social event was rounded off with the show program including a live band.

The agenda for Day Two included, among others, deepening the previews of the new ECM/PCM Suite and, after lunch break, some interesting information on partner management and EASY Discovery.

You will also read more on EASY WORLD 2015 in our next newsletter issue.

Pictures EASY WORLD 2015: Alexander Maier, EASY SOFTWARE AG

EASY ECM Suite: now even easier – even the price list.

Developing the EASY ECM Suite wasn’t just a technical challenge. We had a clear mandate when it came to marketing as well: we had to develop a new price list. A price list that reflected the simplicity of the EASY ECM Suite. Or, as Matthias Höfelmeyer, Partner Coach in Sales for EASY marketing, put it: “a price list you can leave sitting on your client’s table. The client just has to open it up to find out what kind of investment he has to make for a particular project.”


Geared towards your needs…

We had a lot to do before we got to that point. The basic structure of our old price list was five years old. To create its successor, we needed to analyse the market, engage in intense discussions with partners, and dialog with clients to find out how they imagined constructing their IT landscapes. The result was that EASY modernized our licensing model, doing away with single- and multi-user models. No matter whether it’s for archiving or DMS: there’s just one single client.


Transparent costs and just-in-time purchasing

Above all, a price list needs to meet the needs of clients. That’s why EASY integrated individual workflows, so that each client can purchase or cancel digital processes as needed, or just in time. It was also clear to us that if EASY ECM Suite works with modules and solutions, the price list needs to reflect this. That’s why it has multiple access points – besides solutions and mail, there is another access for completely customized projects. Here, users can calculate a pure archive project, if needed adding individual users or additional functionalities. EASY clients could add ERP integration and interfaces to Microsoft products, for instance, or even EASY invoice.


Business packages for every company size

Another new feature are the Business Packages. They are based on a “typical shopping basket” for a new customer. EASY realized that clients were experiencing growth in the form of more documents they needed to capture, more users, and/or more workflows. That’s why EASY put together small, medium, large and corporate Business Packages. Each of these packages includes an archive, a specific capture volume, and a specific number of users and workflows. One important change: now, there are no restrictions when it comes to volume or users. Adding extra capacity is no problem at all.


Effective Date: September 30th

Starting in October, 2015 EASY will only take orders based on the new pricing model. Until then, both the old and new price lists will be valid. Of course, our recommendation is clear: you should work with the new list. It makes starting out in document management easier than ever before, and highly attractive even for small businesses. It also creates transparent costs, so clients can reliably calculate today for what they’ll need tomorrow. A great basis for perfectly planning your upcoming project.