Electronic Invoicing on the Rise

It’s been just over a year since Version 1.0 of the specifications for standard electronic invoicing formats in Germany, ZUGFerD, was released. The Forum for Electronic Invoicing (FeRD), meanwhile, seems to be in the black: the format has been downloaded more than 5,000 times by software manufacturers, companies, and government agencies. 120 software solutions based on ZUGFeRD are currently available.


EASY’s Been There Right From the Start

EASY was one of the first solution providers in the field of electronic invoicing to capitalize on the standard. The company had a major role in its development. That’s something to be proud of – but it’s even more important to work together to promote the standard even further. That makes it even more gratifying that another important player has recognized the rise of electronic invoicing– especially since it can substantiate its success report with solid numbers.


Significant Increase in ZUGFeRD Invoices in June

DATEV recently announced that 200 of its system users had received and processed around 4,200 invoices using the new ZUGFeRD standard since it was introduced in the middle of last year. And the rise in ZUGFeRD invoices in June of 2015 alone indicates the format’s rapidly increasing popularity: in just this short time period, DATEV registered 1,400 records!


Further Clarification is Needed

Nevertheless, ZUGFeRD isn’t a sure-fire success. Just like every innovation, switching over to an electronic invoicing format can unsettle smaller and mid-sized companies especially. It’s important to continue explaining the format to these companies, and advertising for it as well. Similar to what Bitkom did at the beginning of July: a working group on compliance in the trade association assembled 10 things to know about electronic invoicing. The list includes basic information every company absolutely needs to have.

Things are getting exciting, in any case: will use of ZUGFeRD continue to increase as rapidly as in June? EASY will be monitoring the developments – and doing everything to make sure use does keep going up.