And … Action: EASY SOFTWARE AG in Potsdam Against a Cinematic Backdrop

A change of scenery: The Potsdam EASY Team will now be working against a new backdrop. The department has moved to the traditional home of the German film industry, Filmpark Babelsberg.


The Potsdam location has a strategic meaning for EASY SOFTWARE AG, since that’s where part of our development team is based. Six of our colleagues work here. Five of them work primarily on development and innovation. This means they play a significant role in designing the EBIS interface, an integral component of the new EASY ECM Suite. They are also driving development of the next generation of ECM – announced at EASY World 2014 – under the project title SPIRIT. They’re actively shaping the future of EASY.


An Ideal Location

Since July of 2015, EASY has been located in a new, very special location in Potsdam: in the Babelsberg fx.Center at 26-53 August-Bebel-Straße. Of course, the new branch office is only about one and a half kilometers from the previous location on Karl-Marx Straße. Essentially, we’ve just moved down the road. But the futuristic building – on the grounds of the Babelsberg Media City – where the EASY Team has found its new domain offers ideal technical capacities for high-tech companies – including plenty of space for employees.


“Now, we have six rooms encompassing 186 square meters. That means we have enough room for growth when we need it. And there are a large number of attractive conference rooms we can use, and service providers we can access in-house any time we need them, which means we can organize events,” EASY consultant Willy Reuter explained. “For example, the fx.Center includes a theater with 155 seats, and allows us to organize individual studio tours.”


EASY Potsdam is guaranteed to be a big hit. Especially once the products our colleagues develop there are ready for the limelight. And … Action!