Real Estate Industry: Ripe for ECM

Those who own property have to cope with considerable paperwork. All the municipal accounts and assessments, insurance and service contracts fill even the thickest file folders. For those who also rent out property, several meters of filing shelves must be added, and additional cost accounting causes endless searching for documents.

What can be overlooked after some effort for privately rented dwellings becomes a time-consuming efficiency killer for professionals. Managers, cooperatives and private housing companies urgently need electronic support. For them, a digital document archive, document management and workflow system is extremely helpful.


Germany is tenant country

For DMS/ECM providers this is a promising market segment. After all, the ten largest real estate companies alone manage around 800,000 units in this country. This does not even take into account the flats that are managed for third parties. Altogether, a large proportion of the 40 million homes in Germany could be managed; after all, the average home ownership rate remains below the European average by a rather significant 13 percent.


ECM creates transparency

The good news for real estate companies and managers who have so far shied away from the expense of a DMS/ECM system? With EASY ECM Suite, there is now a solution that makes entry into the document management world easier. It provides absolute transparency, finds every paper at the touch of a button – from correspondence and handover certificates to contracts and supporting documents. With digital business processes, even a small team can efficiently manage a large number of flats and actively counteract possible vacancies.