Electronic Invoicing on the Rise

It’s been just over a year since Version 1.0 of the specifications for standard electronic invoicing formats in Germany, ZUGFerD, was released. The Forum for Electronic Invoicing (FeRD), meanwhile, seems to be in the black: the format has been downloaded more than 5,000 times by software manufacturers, companies, and government agencies. 120 software solutions based on ZUGFeRD are currently available.


EASY’s Been There Right From the Start

EASY was one of the first solution providers in the field of electronic invoicing to capitalize on the standard. The company had a major role in its development. That’s something to be proud of – but it’s even more important to work together to promote the standard even further. That makes it even more gratifying that another important player has recognized the rise of electronic invoicing– especially since it can substantiate its success report with solid numbers.


Significant Increase in ZUGFeRD Invoices in June

DATEV recently announced that 200 of its system users had received and processed around 4,200 invoices using the new ZUGFeRD standard since it was introduced in the middle of last year. And the rise in ZUGFeRD invoices in June of 2015 alone indicates the format’s rapidly increasing popularity: in just this short time period, DATEV registered 1,400 records!


Further Clarification is Needed

Nevertheless, ZUGFeRD isn’t a sure-fire success. Just like every innovation, switching over to an electronic invoicing format can unsettle smaller and mid-sized companies especially. It’s important to continue explaining the format to these companies, and advertising for it as well. Similar to what Bitkom did at the beginning of July: a working group on compliance in the trade association assembled 10 things to know about electronic invoicing. The list includes basic information every company absolutely needs to have.

Things are getting exciting, in any case: will use of ZUGFeRD continue to increase as rapidly as in June? EASY will be monitoring the developments – and doing everything to make sure use does keep going up.

Broadband Connectivity: German Companies Lag Behind

Can it be? Germany’s only in the middle of the pack when it comes to broadband connectivity in the economy? That, at least, is what current numbers from the Federal Statistical Office suggest. And this at a time when it’s becoming ever more important for companies all over the country to be able to send large amounts of data over the internet and use the web as a source of information.


Best in Class: Denmark

The short answer is: yes, it’s true. To date, the nation’s highest statistical bureau has found in its investigations of the numbers for 2014 that only a quarter of companies with more than ten employees use a high-speed internet connection. Connections that deliver more than 30Mbit/s are considered high-speed.


This is a frustrating finding, since it means Germany (usually such a model student) ranks far lower than usual, just slightly above the European average. Want more information? Here you go: Denmark shows us how it’s done. There, 53 percent of companies are equipped with broadband, which is more than twice as many as in this country. The Netherlands and Belgium? In both countries, it’s 43 percent. Sweden: 41 percent!


Who Needs 30 Mbit/s?

Of course, you could ask yourself: how much internet does a company really need? Isn’t more than 30 Mbit setting your sights a bit high, anyway? After all, 92 percent of all companies have a fixed broadband connection below this threshold, above which we currently consider internet to be “high speed.”


But the answer to this question is obvious as well: increasing connectivity, virtualization, digitalization, and cloud data storage is causing data volumes to swell, even in small companies. 30 Mbit/s might be enough for private individuals or freelancers – but when multiple workstations are sharing bandwidth for data-intensive processes, they’ll soon reach that limit.


What remains is the knowledge that Germany has to continue resolutely expanding its digital infrastructure – especially in the country, where coverage is still bad. That is, at least, if we don’t want to keep being outpaced by the European frontrunners.

A happy summer message, and its implications…

EASY SOFTWARE AG introduced this year’s summer vacation season with a personal message in the form of a letter. The summer vacation season is the swimming and water splashing fun season – that’s what we had in mind with this campaign, so we included a suitable EASY beach ball, hoping you’ll enjoy it and use it for sport during your vacation, at home or away.


EASY keeps on the ball…

And yes, our summer vacation gift was very well received indeed! Want an example? An unbeatable combination, particularly popular with our young employees, was the use of our EASY beach ball being played on a garden trampoline. But it also served its purpose with water splashing and play fun.


…and is always on the move

A nice example which clearly illustrates that EASY is always on the move, ensuring dynamism, not just in your organization. We hope you had a great summer and a relaxing vacation.

Digital personnel records: why they are trending today

More and more companies are discovering the advantage of storing personnel records digitally. There are many reasons to make the switch, particularly the improved collaboration and increased process efficiency, not to mention better legal compliance and privacy protection.


There are lots of great reasons – especially for corporate groups

Large companies and corporate groups with multiple locations are leading the trend, realizing their personnel departments can work together more quickly and efficiently across branches using digital files. There are also other considerations: many internal IT service providers have worked through a restructuring, or are in the middle of another change process intended to enable greater efficiency and transparency. They might be implementing corresponding IT-solutions, or beginning outsourced or offshore hiring. These are all motivating factors to digitalize a human resources department.


Think privacy protection has to slow you down? No way!

And then there are strict privacy protection regulations – especially in Germany – that human resources departments need to follow if they want to avoid a visit from the authorities. Privacy protection itself is often seen as a barrier to introducing digital personnel records. Sceptical representatives might need some convincing before making a commitment.

In reality, the opposite is true: the best way to secure a paper file is to lock it in a filing cabinet. Anyone with the right key can copy it at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you shred the file on schedule or not – your employees’ information is all right there in black and white.


Make meeting deadlines easy

That’s not the case with digital personnel records. Access to digital records inherently remains restricted to an authorized group of individuals, and each viewing is meticulously documented. Digital personnel records also help you meet deadlines, for instance by deleting applicant files after an approved time period, and thus eliminate excessive data storage in the process. It’s clear that the benefits outweigh the risks. Privacy protection is no argument against digitalization; quite the contrary!

EASY with a new SAP portfolio

A completely new business division will enable EASY, along with sales partners as value added resellers, to offer a wide range of file solutions directly in SAP based on preconfigured templates.

EASY SOFTWARE AG has signed the agreement for the acquisition of the operational partial business for integrated SAP process solutions from nextevolution AG.

This acquisition is subject to conditions precedents. The modular software solutions nextPCM increase the benefit of the SAP system for midsize businesses and groups through integrated business processes. They give support when creating documents and through electronic file concepts

EASY ECM Suite: Integration is the key to more simplicity

The new EASY ECM Suite has a clear goal: simplicity in all areas. It’s easier than ever for EASY ECM Suite users to record, classify, store, and transfer documents to their ERP system, and design, archive and research workflows. But EASY partners and their consultants benefit too: they can install, set up, expand and administer the complete suite quickly and smoothly.


Modules work hand in hand

How can this be realized? Through a high degree of integration. All modules work together like clockwork – synchronised and reliable. This is seen for example on the new Client: The central control unit is based on HTML5 and is mobile capable. First of all, viewing is completely native and does not require Java applets. From the home screen, you simply log on and can work in a clearly laid out, gadget-based dashboard. Here you can create folder structures for filing scenarios, generate new processes or look at index entries in the detail view with metadata.


Workflows with a few clicks

Here, files are simply added manually or processed using EASY Capture as mass scan. The EASY Capture Scan Client automatically accepts EASY Client’s index fields. Easier than ever, the user also arranges documents of a company on file and transfers the process seamlessly to EASY Workflow. Directly from Capture, the next editor can select and generate an order, which is displayed immediately in EASY Client. With a few clicks, the operation is then stored in the archive.


Support easier than ever

So much for the user side. But there is more: For concentrating on a few products allows consultants and EASY partners to make projects more transparent and improve support. After all: the fewer the modules, the simpler the system; the fewer the interfaces, the clearer, more transparent and thus more administrable the solution. Especially as EASY ECM Suite places great emphasis on standards and best practices. Thus, the installation package already includes proven basic configurations that can be adapted easily to meet individual customer needs. Finally, the EASY ECM Suite with its Business Packages is particularly user friendly for booking additional individual features or capabilities.


The new EASY ECM Suite has a clear goal: simplicity in all areas – of course this also applies to version 15.1 which is already available to partners as a pre-release.

And … Action: EASY SOFTWARE AG in Potsdam Against a Cinematic Backdrop

A change of scenery: The Potsdam EASY Team will now be working against a new backdrop. The department has moved to the traditional home of the German film industry, Filmpark Babelsberg.


The Potsdam location has a strategic meaning for EASY SOFTWARE AG, since that’s where part of our development team is based. Six of our colleagues work here. Five of them work primarily on development and innovation. This means they play a significant role in designing the EBIS interface, an integral component of the new EASY ECM Suite. They are also driving development of the next generation of ECM – announced at EASY World 2014 – under the project title SPIRIT. They’re actively shaping the future of EASY.


An Ideal Location

Since July of 2015, EASY has been located in a new, very special location in Potsdam: in the Babelsberg fx.Center at 26-53 August-Bebel-Straße. Of course, the new branch office is only about one and a half kilometers from the previous location on Karl-Marx Straße. Essentially, we’ve just moved down the road. But the futuristic building – on the grounds of the Babelsberg Media City – where the EASY Team has found its new domain offers ideal technical capacities for high-tech companies – including plenty of space for employees.


“Now, we have six rooms encompassing 186 square meters. That means we have enough room for growth when we need it. And there are a large number of attractive conference rooms we can use, and service providers we can access in-house any time we need them, which means we can organize events,” EASY consultant Willy Reuter explained. “For example, the fx.Center includes a theater with 155 seats, and allows us to organize individual studio tours.”


EASY Potsdam is guaranteed to be a big hit. Especially once the products our colleagues develop there are ready for the limelight. And … Action!

Knapsack incident at HSV: This would not have happened with EASY, Mr. Knäbel!

Don’t mock the afflicted, as they would say. And Hamburger SV (HSV, or Hamburg sport club) is currently afflicted – and pretty much at that. First, it barely escaped its descent, to be followed by losing the league cup to Carl Zeiss Jena, an embarrassing show for HSV.

Dino HSV – or: modern personnel management works differently…

But HSV, sometimes aka “Dino”, is presenting itself as an out-of-date sport club not just in terms of sport. Besides its mess in the sport arena, Sporting Director Peter Knäbel made bad headlines: his knapsack, which contained secret documents on player salaries and detailed contract clauses of the pro team coach, was stolen. Accessible to anyone, these strictly confidential documents were found a little later, scattered all over Hamburg’s Jenisch Park, by a geriatric nurse. How embarrassing – and, above all, unnecessary. Sure, no one is immune to theft, but everyone can indeed be immune to losing sensitive paper documents.

If only…

If only… Yes, if Mr. Knäbel had relied on EASY’s Digital Personnel File, he would have been saved a lot of trouble, let alone the mockery: “Hamburger Sau Verein”, or Hamburg “bastard club”, being one of the less harsh mockeries . Indeed, some things can be solved easily, safely, and professionally. So, how do you handle your documents? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to provide personal consultation.

EASY Software UK’s EASY Contract Scoops Storage Award 2015

Bury St Edmunds, UK – June 18, 2015 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has once again triumphed at the annual Storage Awards, winning in the ‘Value For Money’ category with its solution EASY Contract.

EASY Contract manages contracts by providing automatic reminders of key milestone events within agreements and provides email notifications so that nothing critical is ever missed, securing cashflow and reducing contract risk.


Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY commented:
“EASY Software UK is thrilled to have won a prestigious ‘Storrie’ Award for the ninth year running. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us and, of course, everyone who uses our solutions. Our winning product, EASY Contract means that the days of trying to remember contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over and we’re delighted that it’s been recognised in this way.”


“This brings EASY’s total number of ‘Storries’ to ten over nine years, but of course we won’t be resting on our laurels. We’ll be trying even harder next year to keep up the good work!”


The Storage Awards, which has been running for 13 years, includes 30 categories which are voted for by thousands of Storage Magazine readers to reward the outstanding products, services and people in the industry.


More information about the awards can be found here or on Twitter @STMagAndAwards #Storries

EASY webcast: Manage your personnel files easily and securely

On 21th August 2015 at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can use EASY RECORDS for HR to manage your personnel files easily and securely, and how you can manage applicants faster and more efficiently.

How can I make daily personnel processes simpler and faster to manage? How can I automate my routine tasks? How can I manage applicants faster and more efficiently?

Have you found yourself asking these very questions? Then look forward to our answers in the EASY RECORDS for HR V2.1 webcast. Discover how you can use digital personnel files to create a slimline and efficient solution for electronic application and applicant management, and how you can make other key HR processes run more smoothly.

Register now to participate in the free EASY RECORDS for HR V2.1 webcast by clicking here. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.