EASY Technology Partner CTO Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Congratulations CTO Balzuweit! This year, the long-time EASY premium and technology partner can look back on 25 years of company history. The Stuttgart software and IT consulting company recently celebrated its anniversary year with a two-day event and around 100 guests, including of course such representatives of EASY SOFTWARE AG as Carsten Werner and Matthias Höfelmeyer.

CTO Balzuweit KG was founded in 1990 (the same year as EASY), when Germany won the World Cup and the reunification was celebrated. At that time, the company had four employees. Initially, the company’s activities focused on infrastructure projects in motor vehicle software (financial accounting, inventory management systems, warehousing, etc.). Today, the family-owned business is a specialist for flexible enterprise solutions in the areas of document capture, workflow and archiving. Due to constant growth, it now numbers 30 employees. In addition, CTO Balzuweit GmbH has well-known and internationally active companies among its regular customers.

EASY SOFTWARE AG cordially congratulates its partner to this round anniversary and looks forward to many more mutually successful years.