EASY ECM Suite 15.1: Everything that constitutes an ECM.

Since Partner Information Day, partners and clients have been looking forward to learning more about EASY ECM Suite’s contents – the first complete suite from EASY. Finally, EASY promised a paradigm shift – the EASY ECM Suite provides all the functionality of powerful enterprise content management with just one solution.

Viewers of the webcast on June 30 were able to see for themselves: EASY has perhaps succeeded in making the biggest offering in the company’s history. The EASY ECM Suite is a powerful and complete ECM solution. It is agile and user-friendly, and it makes projects considerably easier.


One Function One Solution

But what’s inside EASY ECM Suite 15.1, which is already available as a pre-release for partners? The short answer: a small number of modules for ECM, with which all project situations can be realized. A Solution Suite for ERP integration or integration of the ECM Suite into different infrastructures. And finally, an Application Line, in which the previous Solution Packages open. All this combined with an attractive pricing model, the so-called Business Packages, which allow a market-driven entry into the ECM world.


EASY DMS at the centre

For the first time, EASY concentrated on core products with the ECM Suite. The challenge was to bring together products – as Cziesla Thomas, Head of Portfolio Management, expresses it – grown on different trees.


At the centre is EASY DMS. Sure, it’s ECM’s primary mission to optimise document-intensive business processes. Documents in Version 5 does the job – with an optimised surface and a completely revised Client in responsive design. Enterprise.x, also in Version 5, is available as an archiving solution which offers significant improvements in terms of administration. The proven EASY Capture is on board, with the release of ECM Suite in a 64-bit compatible version having a significant increase in READ and VERIFY performance. Succeeding the ECM Suite EBIS as a standard interface is EASY Discovery, a central representation tool that can display every possible file format. All this with Windows 10 release, summarised in a central setup application.


Release in September

With ECM Suite pre-release, the interaction of these modules and their combination into a powerful package will be felt for the first time. But before the release in September, EASY is still working on many details and implementing additional ideas that will improve the user experience even more. Thus, the deeper integration of the modules remains as much an issue for developers as continuous improvement of support – so that our partners and customers can more easily plan and implement their Projects.