Recruitment South 2015: EASY’s Continued Success

Only efficient solutions for digital personnel files and applicant management ensure optimal management and processing of the resulting data and processes. Almost logical then that such solutions were the focus of this year’s Recruitment South event in Stuttgart.


Live Test with Demo Version

Equally logical then, that EASY SOFTWARE AG did not only fly a symbolic flag here, but more importantly was displaying its efficient solutions for staff management. Together with the team from CFT Consulting GmbH our experts were available for questions and information at the trade fair from 19th to 20th May. Interested visitors and potential clients had the ideal opportunity to learn about EASY’s many features and customizable user options during the two-day fair. With the help of a Demo Version it was simple to test and explore the solutions “live”.


Efficient staff management

Digital personnel files enable live employee discussions using predefined evaluation forms. This efficient management of human resources and the optimisation of processes within an HR department thrilled the interested parties.


Complex processes simplified

EASY also presented its digital applicant management solution alongside the digital personnel file. It provides a comprehensive overview of all machining operations vacancies, simplifying complex processes. Fair visitors got a complete impression of the solution, during one-to-one meetings and in live presentations by our specialists.


See you!

Summary: The Recruitment South 2015 fair was a successful event with many stimulating conversations and exchanges at a high professional level and with interesting insights for all those involved. EASY SOFTWARE’s exhibition team looks forward to the upcoming events and to seeing you at the EASY stand, including at:

  • Future Recruitment, 15-17/9, Cologne
  • Recruitment Fair Munich, 21/10, Munich
  • Recruitment Austria, 4/11, Vienna.