Looking for inter-operability? Interface found!

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In times of steadily growing amounts of data, extensive tools are always needed, above all in software, to automate work processes and conquer data overload. Good tools even allow a company – in the nature of business – to reduce complexity, enable collaboration and ensure inter-operability.


“Rating” Interfaces

The core question to be confronted is: what do applications need to work really well together and exchange data? Interfaces – indeed those that are reliable, deliver what is expected of them. The clear importance of interfaces: it emerges from the spot-check audit of a delivery note, that no invoice can be found in the archive; an auditor would look more closely as, where there is one mistake, there are very possibly more to be found. The result: the bookkeeping is paralysed for more days, as a comprehensive inspection of the business is carried out.


Revision Safety Reference

But how did we get here? Frequently, badly programmed interfaces are the cause of such problems. If when archiving an invoice a problem occurs, and no archived document is created, a good interface is lacking. There is only peace of mind when an auditable invoice is filed. A bad interface is not as accurate. It should be enough that you have initiated the archiving process – regardless of the success of the action.


Diversity is key

Precisely for this reason, solutions from EASY suit a great many interfaces and these have proved their worth so nothing goes wrong with them. You’ll find these on EASY’s website. Currently the list contains around 60 entries. For each interface you’ll find a short explanation and a contact for questions, as well as an indication of the source of supply, as with special features: EASY has only developed some of the listed interfaces. The others have been developed by Partners. This has increased the variety of reliable tools.


Practical Online Overview

If you still have questions, even whether there is an interface for your solutions, for example whether to link your ERP system quickly and easily to EASY INVOICE or EASY DOCUMENTS: here you’ll find the complete list that we are successively expanding. As EASY is always on the move. Incidentally: we’d be happy to advise you and find you your individual solution.