How the ECM Suite supports EASY partners

planung ecm_720

With its “One Function – One Solution” approach, the EASY ECM Suite reduces the complexity of the entire ECM. Its modules complement one another perfectly, run on consolidated server worlds and work reliably together across stable interfaces. The number of clients falls considerably when compared with previous systems. This has a positive effect on the price list, which will be far clearer and more concise in the future. Partners will especially benefit from a significantly simpler and faster release.


A faster rollout, simpler administration

Just one installation process for the entire ECM Suite – from data capturing to data transfer and workflow management to legally compliant archiving – until now this has felt like a pipe dream. But the ECM Suite is now making this ideal a conceivable reality and is making the rollout easier for consultants. In the future, EASY will be providing new versions bundled together in a single set-up process, just like the EASY ECM Suite itself.


Fewer dates – greater planning reliability

In addition, there is a further plus: In the future, there will only be one launch date for the entire ECM Suite – and this will be the same for every subsequent release. EASY partners will, therefore, be able to plan their operational processes better, and will be able to ideally coordinate their consultancy, sales and customer service provisions.

Ergo: The EASY ECM Suite is easier to install, easier to integrate, easier to maintain and easier to operate than any other solution. And yet it is as powerful and secure as you would expect from an EASY solution.