EASY Promotes Young High-school Talent

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EASY SOFTWARE AG is actively involved in the promotion of talent. In collaboration with the Ruhr West university (HRW) in Mülheim on the Ruhr, EASY is making a corporate scholarship for young talent available for the first time.


Commitment pays off

A scholarship of 300 Euros per month is available. You get high-performing students from all departments that get noticed not only because of their good grades, but also through their specific social or socio-political commitment.


A classic win-win situation

A win-win situation for all involved: through financial support, the students can concentrate on their studies and as such companies like EASY have the opportunity to get in touch with qualified young people early on. “We have deliberately chosen to promote talent AND commitment. A scholarship is also far more than a purely material donation. We at EASY SOFTWARE AG can introduce ourselves regularly as a potential, attractive regional employer; interested talent get the chance early onto convince us of their commitment and own performance”, said Clarissa Dubiel, heads of human resources at EASY.


Personal Bonus Contact

A ceremony on the occasion of the award gave scholarship students and supporters a welcome opportunity to deepen mutual exchanges and to make further agreements with each other.

Overall, the 25 scholarship students at the Ruhr West University can look forward to this kind of support this year. Taking part are nine companies, two foundations, two individuals and supporters of the HRW scholarships.