Digital Personnel File: Tips for Successful Introduction


Much has already been written elsewhere about the advantages of digital personnel files. The fact is: a modern, sleek personnel management cannot be done without an electronic solution. This is because the digital personnel file makes everything more efficient and faster: from managing employee data, holidays and applicant management and appropriate applications and approval procedures. Processing times are reduced, documents from references to the target agreement are available to everyone with the respective authorisation regardless of location, including cross-border access.


Corporate Success Factors

However, anyone who thinks it is sufficient to select a solution and to install – as an update is installed on a server – thinks too short-term. As the company itself must change. Basically, firstly make the decision, whether only a part of or the entire archive is digitised – which of course means more resources and time, and needs, to accomplish this efficiently, the appropriate tools and highly automated assignment of documents..


In any case it is important to develop a digital storage structure that can map and organise the digitised paper documents. If insufficient categories are developed for the storage structure, a portion of the realisable efficiency potential remains untapped. This is one reason why it is better to invest a little more time than too little time, in the development of the data model.


Integration and Role Planning

Companies should also ensure that digital personnel files are integrated with Office applications – so employees can upload Word documents or spreadsheets directly into the system. It is also essential that those who are allowed to work with documents are clearly allocated, as all the legal requirements in terms of data protection cannot be underestimated.


Readiness as a Base

However, there is a success factor, as without all this waste paper employees have to follow suit. Management must communicate early with employees. It should reap benefits, dispel worries and unite people behind the project. In English this is called “Commitment”. Formerly one would have said: be a role model, act confident, implement and enforce. A classic feature that distinguishes good managers. No matter what you call it, whoever does not integrate staff at an early stage and win them over to the project, puts more at stake than he would like.