How Enterprise Content Management optimises the Supply Chain

Today’s industrial production is based on complex supply chains. There are lots of suppliers, and even more raw materials, already involved in the development of primary products and components that are then combined into the final assembly of a product. The high division of labour in production enables the production of cheaper items – from computers to cars – but at the same time this requires extremely good supply chain management. It must be possible to detect vulnerabilities and errors along the supply chain early and eliminate them. Otherwise product recall threatens not only your image but also bring about financial penalties.


Audits Help

Therefore, in many industries, statistical methods are used. For example, incoming goods , in production or in the final control. They measure the quality of supply as well as error rates or metric characteristics of products – for example, to monitor whether components are delivered in the required dimensions and tolerances. The data obtained will help eliminate errors early – and as mentioned at the outset: it is the same reliable information necessary to avoid a potentially unpleasant confrontation with suppliers.


Valuable documentation

However, this data needs to be managed in a manner that does not negate the efficiencies gained and increased safety as a result of the audit process. What good is the best-test protocol, if I then have to spend a long time looking?

Here Enterprise Content Management systems can mean the decisive advantage and help in the evaluation of data or in the preparation of regular reports. With their help, all data is securely archived for the long-term, but available at your fingertips anytime, being searchable and useable. From the incoming invoice with purchase order reference and the corresponding delivery note – keywords “supply quality” – up to the actual quality control at the end of the production process, keywords: “production quality”.


Thus: if you are thinking of how to optimise your supply chain, you should always invest in IT which brings time to supply chain management and helps to permanently document and develop the supply chain. In this regard, powerful ECM companies are on the safe side.