EASY SPIRIT: Creative collaboration for our customers

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As reported in the EASY newsletter, following EASY World 2014, we began to implement our vision of an application platform for document-intensive business processes into functional and technical concepts.

What may at first appear to be a “dry” topic is in reality combined with a constructive process and plenty of room for completely new ideas and approaches. Themes relating to digitalisation, like Internet-Of-Things, Cloud and new approaches from the consumer world form a creative hotbed for new pathways in the ECM world – SPIRIT and EASY are all about “New thinking!”


Keeping the market and its future in sight at all times

That is why we choose to work together with partners during the brainstorming, concept creation and testing stages, and discuss large and small issues with them:

  • What ideas do partners have when it comes to businessapplications?
  • Can the simplest filing structures and most basic user concepts, which we are familiar with from consumer apps, fulfil even complex ERP storage requirements?
  • How can solution finders be supported when it comes to the creation of new business processes?


Working together to create the best platform

The involvement of our partners in these early stages helps us to create the very best platform for both the market and our partners. Lots of ideas and concrete wishes, especially in view of the simple creation of solutions, are incorporated into the concepts. At the end of the day, it is our partners who create a large number of the solutions that are available on our platform.


Customer benefit as the priority

Customers profit from a range of innovative, valuable solutions, which can be easily used in the Cloud, or which can be installed on the premises. Our wide-ranging partner network ensures that business applications are created for a whole host of industries and scenarios. The first concrete ideas for business applications have already been created during the initial workshops, and will now be further developed in the next stage of the collaborative process.